PS3: Home and Playstation Network New Info

The big news of DevStation was the session on the rollout of features for the Home community service. Currently undergoing a closed beta, it will launch globally in October. In between now and then, there will be a monthly SDK (or HDK as it's known) releases, as more advanced features are rolled out. For example, the current pre-release version only supports the use of Maya for the creation of 3D assets, while v1.0 will add 3ds Max and Collada support.

"Developers are having to make a shift in their mindset about the kind of games they made," he says. "Now there's a route to market which means you can tune and work on your concept and get attachment to that title. Ultimately though, retail disks aren't going to go away. Later this year, we're bringing out 50 GB Blu-ray disks because games won't fit on 25 GB disks, so the market is exploding in different directions."

"I think PlayStation 3 has bought in a lot of studios who haven't done console games before," he predicts, adding: "If we rely on the established houses, we're in danger of getting the churn of old franchises, but I'm pretty confident we'll start to expand the developer space and in my group, we're definitely encouraging developers to innovate.

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drtysouf214800d ago

and for the fall when home is released!

DJ4800d ago

are demanding 50GB discs 6 months into the PS3's life cycle. I wonder how long it'll be before they start demanding triple and quad-layer Blu-ray discs. Introducing Collada support for HOME is a great move as well.

drtysouf214800d ago

what games they have in development that will be larger then 25gb!

Lord Anubis4800d ago

quality games, what's best about blu-ray is that they can add uncompressed sound (if you receiver supports it) and hear all the detail that gets lost, different languages and more content all of that in one disc for the standard game price.

TruthHurts4800d ago

"Quality games"

that great a great anwser. bubble up.

BlackIceJoe4800d ago

To me the games I could see taking up alot of room could be from Team ICO. Plus White Knight could be another one that could take up some room.

Also on a side note I hope Sony will use the engine from Home on some of there games. That I think could be cool to see what could be done with that.

Kyur4ThePain4800d ago (Edited 4800d ago )

That statement is what makes me chuckle about "the others" getting all excited about getting old PS franchises, while a whole string of new IPs are coming to the PS brand.

*** Thanks for doubling my bubbling pleasure ***

TruthHurts4800d ago

i`ve been sayin that all day.

i want the new games, that will become as great as all these current "greats"

you cant live in the past forever.

LeonSKennedy4Life4800d ago

Everyone got bubbles from me!!!

There were no negative posts for this one...let's all celebrate!

After playing the HOME beta, I'd have to say it's been well worth the wait since the dawn of gaming. Speaking of new, has anyone tried the Folksoul demo from the Japan PS Store??? IT'S FREAKIN' AMAZING!!! The concept of it is just phenomenal! Think of an RPG for people that don't even LIKE RPG's!!! It's constantly changing and interactive!

ANYWAY, Home is amazing and I think it will definitely sell PS3's.

I talked to a friend of mine today; he's a Wal-mart employee in the electronics section. He asked ME questions about the PS3. According to his fellow-employees, the PS3's version of Oblivion wasn't that good. I was like WHAT? I think someone's being misled here! I did see a couple of "friends" of mine from this past school year that boasted about their 360's all year. They were playing Motorstorm and saying how good the graphics were! I'm like WHAT? Just Motorstorm did that? I mean, yeah, it looks good...but they haven't seen anything yet! One of them purchased a PS3 and the other is soon to do the same...I led them through it.


Does anyone else childishly hide the HD-DVD movies by putting a Blu-ray movie in front of each stack??? haha...I just want this war to end.

Just sayin'.

DJ4800d ago

You don't even have to hide the HD-DVD movies at my store. They're almost non-existent.

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