Microsoft E3 '07 Rumors: The Xbot Edition

Apparently a manager from the E3 Floor (who's going to get fired if its all true!) has leaked information regarding Microsoft's line-up for E3 2007. There is some juicy stuff in there if true like say a little game that rhymes with Petal Rear Squidlid 4.

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InMyOpinion4736d ago

According to N4G guidelines you are not supposed to post forum threads as news.
Also, the source, wasn't linked to directly. I guess the guidelines aren't of importance anymore.

frostbite064736d ago

Maybe you should stop being a whiny b*tch and get some more bubbles.

Lord Anubis4737d ago

it comes from the wii60 forum, by the default this is fake.

Phantom_Lee4736d ago

alot of rumors start up in forms.....maybe I should just join one and see how easy to is...

Sevir044736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

Hey Marty boi where are u. where is MS's biggest Xbox marketer. ^^ maybe you can tell us another predicatable phrase from ur copy and paste library about how authentic this MGS4 game is... LOL!!! anywho i'm out.. E3 is exactly a month from now so all will know what the deal is... Konami has said that no new news will surface about MGS4 untill e3 so all is speculation from anxious Xbox fans who cant seem to get enough of playstation games lol!!! laters

drtysouf214736d ago

Still waiting for official conformation. Whether it went to 360 or not though i'd still get this one for PS3.

Lucidmantra4736d ago

LMAO... I do love XBox (even though I am fair with my love and level headed)

BUT THAT IS FUNNYYY!!!!!! Great find.