Dark Void Was Delayed Until 2010 Because Of...Halo 3: ODST?

G4TV writes: "You'll have a chance to play Dark Void next week, but Capcom's high-flying new franchise was originally scheduled for last fall. Capcom decided to hold the game back, claiming time time would be used to further polish the game and let Dark Void launch in a less crowded market. Capcom did have a date picked out for Dark Void, however, but there was a problem: Halo 3: ODST."

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conjurdevil3201d ago

if a game is bad its just bad!! postponing wont do magical changes .... changing gameplay would!!!

matnum3201d ago

I disagree, if your going to release a multiplat game and wont to see strong xbox sales for a fast turnover, you don't do it during a Halo launch.
I don't feel that its fair and it wouldn't apply to my self, but a large enough segment of xbox owners are very strong halo supporters, so yeah id say that Capcom did the right thing

SoX FireBlade3201d ago

I didn't like the demo

the controls were horrible

Blaster_Master3201d ago

pfft. Dark Void > Halo IMHO. Even my 3 yr old son thinks so.

Crazyglues3201d ago

the problem is this game sucks... so no matter when it came out, it was going to EPIC FAIL...

The controls and feel of the game are awful, and scream out -generic junk- this game should not cost more then $40 bucks and why video games go so bad only god knows..

-But the one thing they didn't have to worry about was Halo:ODST because this game is trash, if it was an xbox or PS2 title then maybe I could accept all the cheesy junk in the game, but for a NEX GEN title, you got to be kidding me.. EPIC FAIL

What you have to understand is if a Gamer is going to spend $65 bucks on a game, it should live up to the other games costing $65 bucks otherwise, why get this over a really good game.

-This game is not going to sell no matter when it comes out, demo was awful, felt like some serious trash.. I wouldn't waste $10 dollars on this game.

GameOn3201d ago

Dark void is utter rubbish (My opinion). I couldn't even play the demo for 5 minutes. It was terrible.

Blaster Master: I think you're just telling porkies to annoy Halo fans. I'm not sure anyone with taste could prefer this to Halo.

SoX FireBlade3200d ago

I guess I'm not the only who thinks it's an awful game

[email protected]_Master

s8anicslayer3200d ago

I refuse to buy a capcom game not developed from capcom japan!!!!!!

travelguy2k3200d ago

I thought it was going to be a PSN minigame of some sort. Can't believe its going to be a full release title.

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MajestieBeast3201d ago

This game is gonna fail anyway it could be released in april and still no1 would buy it just that crap even bionic commando was better.

CaptainMarvelQ83201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

gonna fail anyway

Funky Town_TX3201d ago

That demo was garbage. This game is going to fail no matter what.

mastiffchild3201d ago

Yep. I'm of the opinion that Capcom are on a run of bad form no matter what anyone else might say-hell, I didn't even understand why people gushed over SF4 and would much rather have had it's online features added to SF2THDR myself!

On the Wii their games have been generally rail shooters, ports, terrible(CTYD),REmakes(with no motion controls added so why?), good but unsupported by marketing(Z&W) or had the proper tratment and turned out well(MH3)-and they also failed to give RE4 a follow up despite promises that is we bought UC they would make one, teased about SF for Wii with the "if it has buttons" speech, etc etc.

On the HD consoles DR was OK becuause of it's many issues spoiling it slightly and the same can be said of the first LP as well-and the less said about the series breaking Resi5 the better so I was praying(oh and DMC4 was well below par AND made you play it through twice with different characters which is cheap as!)DV might be a return to form after, for me, a promising LP2 demo online. Sadly, it's worse than anything they released yet on the HD consoles if that demo is anything to go by! I gave it a good chance as well as I really want a Capcom back on form and back as my, as they often have been, favourite dev/pub-but unless DV is a lot better than it's awfully poor and awkward demo it could be a very poor seller and get sopme stinking reviews.

It controls badly in the air, thee characters are generica personified and the cover shooting combat is slow and clumsy and totally unsatisfying. Added to this ththe flying gave me, and will a lot of others as I don't generally suffer with it,. motion sickness to the point I nearly DID vomit! Though that might just have been a reaction to the state of th game that seems to have been being developed for an age now. I think it's way too poor from what we played for even another delay to sort it out and maybe they should have just binned it or started over a while back.V poor, imo.

iceman063200d ago

just delaying it until the summer...or maybe even next year. It really needs some serious work in terms of control. It's really sad too because the premise of the game is actually pretty cool. I love the homage to the Rocketeer. But in a game like this, control is EVERYTHING. The graphics were pretty standard fair...if not sub-standard. The gameplay premise seems fun enough. The execution of that gameplay is where everything just leaves the tracks! You would have thought that they would have showcased the vertical cover aspect in the demo...since that was one of the main selling points since it's debut.

Corrwin3201d ago

I wasn't totally impressed by the demo, mainly because it looks old - everything else about pretty sweet.

But if they had released it along side ODST, it might have had a cult, or spite following from the folk who don't much like Halo :|

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