Jaw-Dropping Gran Turismo 5 Screens

Sony has just released a new batch of screens highlighting the Toyota FT86. With impressive lighting, airflow, and impressive visuals all around, these are some of the most impressive screens of GT5 released to date.

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MattyF3197d ago

The air tunnel screen looks amazing. The lighting is ridiculous.

nix3197d ago

woot woot! can't wait for this game either! q:

aaron58293197d ago

they are just using real life pics...


ico923197d ago

photorealism at its finest ,i mean wow!!! especially at the tunnel screenshot

bjornbear3197d ago

its all CGI....I KNOW IT!!!


Strikepackage Bravo3197d ago

stop releasing fake screens and concentrate on finishing the dam game.

Wind tunnel, gimmie a break, like thats in game, geez.

Udidntlistenpunk3197d ago

Not just the definitive racer but also the ULTIMATE racing experience.

GT is king.

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Xwow20083197d ago

be ps3 owner.
Sony and their developers really deserve our respect they are working so hard to give us the best quality possible.

The Meerkat3197d ago

So its great to own a PS3 because you can talk about games that have no fixed release date?


Cyrax_873197d ago

Right, because 360 fans don't hype up games without release dates also (Alan Wake)?

CrippleH3197d ago

A better example is Xbox 360 owners hyping up Natal without seeing much of it at all and reading articles that repeats the same thing everybody knows.

boodybandit3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

The same thing can be said about so many 360 and Wii titles and perps so stop already. If you are not here to talk about GT5 then why show up at all?

On topic:
GT5 looks amazing!
I will patiently wait while putting the finishing touches on my racing setup. I have plenty of games to keep me busy until then. I know I will personally get lost for months in GT5 when it's released. Racing games are my favorite genre and the GT series never disappoints (at least me anyway).

bjornbear3197d ago

oh and look who's talking Alan Wake hyper =P

god you kids are so hypocritical, don't you even THINK for a moment before you type?

other users have brains too yano?

Jihaad_cpt3197d ago

PS3 owners can play other games, why don't you run along and play the defective racing sim, oops I mean definitive

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thor3197d ago

Whenever the environment is shown it is always obscured or blurred out. I know for screenshots the focus is on the car, but when I'm driving, and I'm using bumper cam, and I'm ahead of everyone else, I don't even SEE any cars. That's why I'm worried about the graphics - because when I'm doing a time trial or I'm leading a race, it's not going to look great, because I won't be able to see any of the beautifully rendered cars.

Maddens Raiders3197d ago

thor when you're going 290km/h? Please explain.

thor3197d ago

Because the motion blur (if there is even that much of it) is not enough to obscure the environments when you're looking straight ahead (stuff in front of you will not be blurred at all). Also you can only go 30mph round some corners allowing you to take in the beautiful 2D trees (yes they are still 2D, like in the PS1 era). The lighting on the track looks nice, but the grass doesn't look like grass, and the tree-lined hills look pretty awful I'm afraid to say.

The only good thing about the environments are the skyboxes, but that's hardly a graphical triumph when it's just a texture plastered onto a sphere.

You can't say that the graphics will be good simply because they will be blurred out from the speed. Smearing a turd doesn't make it any less of a turd.

swinesucker3197d ago

Well thor, all we can do is wait. If it remains as is I will be thinking twice about this game. The environments SO FAR have been terrible imho and do not show what 5 years should be showing. 2D trees are unacceptable.

thor3197d ago

Yes I still have hope for the final version - but when that demo gets put out without great environments, and when all the screenshots have the environment obscured or blurred out, I suspect we're probably going to see the usual 2D trees. There are plenty of racing games that can do fantastic-looking environments including foliage.

They've put the graphical focus on the cars, oblivious to the fact that, when racing, you're generally not looking at the cars - this applies to all forms of time trial, and any race where you get in the lead, or you fall behind. Even if you are behind someone, you're still looking at the environment the whole time.

Redempteur3197d ago

i just hope you're not refering to gt academy to make your statements about trees .... ( or grass for that matter )

LiL T3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Whats with all the poo pushers worrying about trees, skidmarks, tire smoke and skyboxes in a game made for people that love.....oh what do you call thoose things ummmm..... CARS. Sorry if you have time to look at trees and grass you are not going fast enough and your definitely not in first place. This game is about the way the cars look and handle for people that love cars and not trees.

thor3197d ago

You've completely ignored my point.

I'm not looking at the cars because I'm INSIDE THE F***ING CAR. "Bububu you're not going fast enough" that's not even a valid point. If you want to try and take a corner at such a speed that even the scenery in front of you looks blurry (at least 200mph) be my guest. Maybe you'll crash into the barrier and then you'll be able to see the low-res textures on it.

The ONLY TIME I will see the cars properly are during replay mode, when the blur kicks in and the focus is ON the cars. And that's great - but during GAMEPLAY I'm focused on the TRACK, because I'm RACING. If we can agree that graphics are important to a certain extent, after all, you're the one drooling over these screenshots, the environments are unacceptable compared to the quality of the car modelling.

Bubububu teh grafixx r teh bets bcuz they are BLURRY cuz I liek to go 10000000mph in mah 'lectrik car!!111

The trees are an EXAMPLE of how the environment graphics are poor. They are pretty indicative of the lack of quality there. You simply cannot say that the game has great graphics when the graphics that you SEE with your EYES whilst you PLAY are poor.

iceman063197d ago

I think people have a problem with your hesitation to purchase GT5 based on some issues that are "off the track". Sure, graphics are important, but in GT5 it is obvious that they can't be game BREAKERS! It would be like saying that you won't buy a flight combat game because the ground textures aren't up to par...knowing that 90% of the game takes place in the AIR! We will ALL have to wait to see if these issues from the EARLY GT Academy demo will be changed...but even if they aren' can't deny that the buttery smooth driving physics (even in the early build) are not compelling enough to warrant a purchase of the full game.

thor3197d ago

I am definitely buying the game, I am a HUGE racing game fan. Just disappointed a little with the graphics (especially the disparity between shots like this and what you actually see when you're playing).

mfwahwah3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )


Ahahaha! That's priceless. Trees aren't up to your standards in a racing game so you might not buy it.

I'm a gameplay man myself. That's why I'm buying Gran Turismo 5.

Foliage3196d ago

Graphics Comparison:

GT5: Greatest looking cars in any game in history, not possible on the 360. Decent environments.
Forza 3: Terrible looking cars that look like they belong in GT3. Decent environments.

Yup, GT5 is still king.

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bujasem_893197d ago

yum yum yum ur tears are soo delicious bots yes ... yeeees xD

Karooo3197d ago

looks better than forza 3, check out digital foundry comparison.

GT5 well forza 3 can suck it.

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