No Dpad - Crusade of Destiny Review: Extremely Vague, But Very Fun

No Dpad:

Many RPGs have sprung up on the iPhone and iPod Touch, and some of them have been amazing. However, there are very little 3D RPG offerings, and Ravensword: The Fallen King is pretty, but very short on content. I've been searching the App Store for something that has all the elements of a good 3D RPG, and the only interesting one I've found was Crusade of Destiny by DVide Arts. At the time it was released, the game was horrendous, and I didn't bother taking a look at it. However, I think now is the time for a reconsideration. The game now offers fully 360 degree camera panning and controls a la Gameloft's FPS control schemes, and has tons of skills, attacks, quests, a big world, and full-blown magic elements.

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