The Creeps! + Dinosaurs = RROOWWOOAARR

No Dpad:

I have - until today - managed to avoid the world of DLC. What, you may wonder, is the straw that's broken my back? Why, it's dinosaurs of course! RRROOOWWWOOOAAARRR!!!

Super Squawk Software today released The Creeps! 1.4.0. The update fixes some minor issues and adds the Level Pack Store. Presently, three level packs are available at $0.99 each, each comprising six new levels for various play modes. The new dinosaur themed levels are only available via the DLC.

The Creeps! is a well-regarded tower defense game, and one of my personal favorites of the tower defense genre. With artwork reminiscent of Tim Burton's works, unique accelerometer based gameplay mechanics, and charm and personality enough to spare, The Creeps! has long been one of my Must-Have titles, and that was before it had dinosaurs.

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