TeamXbox - TeamTalk: Microsoft's NPD Problem

TeamXbox writes: "This month's NPD numbers should be a wake-up call for Microsoft. While it wasn't heavily outsold by the PS3 this month, it sold 130K units less than it did last December.

2009 was a pretty lackluster year for Microsoft's console, all things considered. While sales for the Xbox 360 were up slightly over 2008 for most of the year, there wasn't much growth to be had, which is a problem in year 4 of a console's life cycle. The question is, why?"

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Bumpmapping3289d ago

Bu bu but Halo will save them! HAHA NOT!

Cyrus3653289d ago

Pretty good article...I'm surprised Xbox 360 did as well as it did in the face of stiff competition.

They pratically didn't have anything in the first party department, Halo Wars, Halo ODST, Forza 3....I'm sure i'm miss some others, but either way that's not exactly a stellar. Lets just say Xbox 360 had in previous years a better first party line up, in my mind.

They did like the article mentioned a pretty good downloadable title in Shadow Complex...and some GTA IV Download-able content.

And 3rd party exclusives were Left 4 Dead 2, and few others i'm forgetting...