Rockman Zero Collection Z-Busts On Nintendo DS

Siliconera: Capcom is packing the entire series of Mega Man Zero games on a DS cart called Rockman Zero Collection.

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qface643196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

its a cash in on capcoms part but ts one i welcome since i can't find any of the zero games anymore

PlainOldGamer3196d ago

4 MegaMan Zero Games! OMG This is my favorite MegaMan series! I'm going to import this if it doesn't have region protection. This series was Epic! :D

PlainOldGamer3196d ago

This years going to be great for CAPCOM and fans alike! We got Dark Void this month. But the coming months will be amazing! Weve got re-release expansion games Super Street Fighter 4 & Resident Evil 5 Gold! Then we also get Monster Hunter 3 & Lost Planet 2! And Mega Man Zero Collection for DS! I'm so happy right now and i'm sure I'll be getting all of these...Oh ya and Mega Man 10, but I'm sure I'm missing so many other ones.

ZeroX98763196d ago

Rockman Zero is the megaman games at it's best! I loved the old nes series and the X series too ( even on psone), but I prefer playing Zero over X, so this collection pack is a must buy for me.

xabmol3196d ago

Zero > Megaman IMHO

I'd rather have a new sequel in glorious 1080p for PSN/XBLA though...

Zero deserves it! <3

Umbrella Corp3196d ago

Please....come to the states and Europe,everyone deserves these master pieces.

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