Exclusive: Going deeper into the world of NIER

Destructoid: "Looking back at my preview of Square Enix's NIER, one can see that there is a whole lot going on. From the plot alone it is obvious that the game has a lot of unanswered questions and talking points. Never mind the delicious bit of transgendered goodness that has been haunting the game since it was first announced, there is plenty about NIER that is confusing beside ambiguous fleshy bits.

So answers, even with a decent preview, are still up in the air with NIER. Thankfully, between some international emails, questions between Japan and the States, translations, (and translations of the translations) we were able to get some exclusive information on NIER. Follow the jump for what we discovered, especially if you like your Action-RPGs with a dash of dark quirk."

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Still not feeling anything towards this game.

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