New God of War 3 Screenshots

A painting come to life indeed. David Jaffe redeemed? Feast your eyes...


These images were not taken from the latest God of War 3 build. Stay tuned for the media blowout starting on January 18th. New trailer incoming (latest engine build included).

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dc083202d ago

Those look incredible!

I really like that Hades pic. That's gonna be one epic boss fight.

Agent Smith3202d ago

Yeah, it's even looking better than the demo which already looked great.

SasanovaS19873202d ago

dude this is retarded. compare these textures to conviction hahahaha i feel sorry for some people who still think they are playing HD gen couldnt be more wrong unless ur playing on the TREY son

headwing453202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Nvm read comment wrong

The hades picture put tear in my eyes, I want more!

D4RkNIKON3202d ago

Holy SH!T.. Did every one get a chance to look at those shots? They truly are incredible.

nix3202d ago

painting it is... q:

*sets the helmet pic as bg*

solideagle13202d ago

the finishing move on that guy with HAMMER in the that is going to be brutal. this is the only game on PS2 i wanted to beat on each difficulty.


moneybuyseverything3202d ago

They look alright. I don't get the Wow factor.

dustgavin3202d ago

Then I would hate to see your standards for "WOW".

This game is looking amazing and I cannot wait for March.

LordMarius3202d ago

Agh cannot wait till Monday

moneybuyseverything3202d ago

Well I don't get why people are saying OMG! when the game looks alright. DMC4 looks better IMO.

LordMarius3202d ago

Ah I needed a good laugh, thanks :)

SixTwoTwo3202d ago

*facepalm*. The game looks amazing. March seems so far away now...

ABizzel13202d ago

Has that ever been confirmed as Hates? It looks more like a [email protected]@$$ mini boss than one of the gods.

thewhoopimen3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

I am not a God of War fan... but those visuals are superb. Makes me want to at least rent it and see what this one is all about.

@Money: DMC4 better?

You my friend just nominated yourself for the Darwin Award for the Month. Let look at Dante's or the demon's non-existant shadows... noticing something wrong there? Oh right, the lighting is non-dynamic, no-depth of field between him and the demon, no glow or halo on his clothing or skin from a fire demon lightsource.

Compare that to this:


LordMarius3202d ago

Those that have played GOW2 know that is Hades

Darkstorn3202d ago

Graphics look beautiful - I need to get an HDTV :(

shadow27973202d ago

It looks good, but not Uncharted 2 good. Obviously the camera will be further back when you're playing, but I'm disappointed with the environments. Character models look good, but things like ground textures are kind of lacking.

Nonetheless, I love God of War for its epic gameplay and story, so whatever.

Jamie Foxx3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

bad environments...seriously?

look at the picture of kratos with wings

Megan Fox3202d ago

I thought Sony said this would look better that U2, judging by this screen shots i think not.

DatNJDom813202d ago

Can you imagine how fcuking brutal and epic that boss fight is going to be! These look way better than halo reach. Actually, these look way better than anything I've seen on the 360.

Obama3202d ago

"Well I don't get why people are saying OMG! when the game looks alright. DMC4 looks better IMO. "

Stop embarrass yourself. You clearly are sour.

Snoogins3202d ago

The Hades pic is the only one among the set that I find suspect, while the rest appear to be in-game. I could be wrong and I'm perfectly fine with that. Looks absolutely beautiful from an artistic perspective, then again, art was never a weak point for the God of War series.

gamer20103202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

They look pretty nice. The character models are well done. Kratos looks really detailed (except for those chains on his arms, which don't look real). But honestly guys, in terms of the environments and overall graphical detail, you can't seriously tell me this looks as good as Uncharted 2. It doesn't. Not really even that close, in my opinion.

Edit: Oh, and people trying to bring up Halo Reach, don't even go there. First of all this is about GOW3 and not about Halo Reach. Second, I absolutely do think Halo Reach looks better than this.

DatNJDom813202d ago

The trolls are really hurting...... just look at some of those comments....... its ok guys im sure haloz reachz will be the same old stuff u like. It even got updated with gears gfx. i mean u get the best of both worlds right?

CydonianKnight073202d ago

And I absolutely do think you need to get your eyes tested!!

NewZealander3202d ago

looks great, im not the biggest fan of these kind of games, but these images do look good.

FamilyGuy3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

OMFG, The lighting effects in this game are jaw dropping (understatement). It looks "artsy". The contrast of the colors, the dynamic shadows and overall theme as well.

Just really look at Kratos in this one

The armor on his right shoulder in contrast to the darker background and how the light source illuminates it and cast believable shadows from his raised arm. o.0

Another thing worth noticing is the enemy himself, he seems to be a living statue. He's got a whole going through him like he's hollow and a shrub on his chest like he's been at rest for some time.

3sq3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

"Oh, and people trying to bring up Halo Reach, don't even go there. First of all this is about GOW3 and not about Halo Reach. Second, I absolutely do think Halo Reach looks better than this."

You told others not to bring Halo Reach (Rangers) up but you are the one who brought it up yourself. Irony?

Oh and I absolutely think Halo Reach aka. Halo Rangers looks like sh!t compared to ODST (but ODST was already sub-hd sh!tty game).

Edit: Pistolero, "you said something stupid and ridiculous" How is that stupid? So it's okay for him to bring Halo up but not others? Well, I guess your logic if fvcked up then.

Pistolero3202d ago

Yeah I saw what you did said something stupid and ridiculous...anyway the first person I saw mention Halo Reach was comment 1.23...that was probably what he was respondin to.

terrorofdeath3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

About Kratos' next opponent

Talos! the giant statue thing.

EDIT: Here's what I read: "Talos had one vein, which went from his neck to his ankle, bound shut by only one bronze nail."

Wonder how Kratos is going to remove that nail! bwahaha.

rezenu3202d ago


I think I died again.

duplissi3202d ago

to quote or paraphrase a comment that i read from someone a while back:
i will sh*t bricks and all the other materials required and make a house (if the game truly looks like that)

Raf1k13202d ago

Just showed my mate (who still hasn't got a current gen console yet) the Hades pic and he said it looks like a painting.
I told him Jaffe said the same :)

DaTruth3202d ago

You guys really should play around with the demo. I was posing Kratos up and watching him breathe at every area. You can see when he pulls out the bow, his muscles tense and the flames light up his body. I was pulling out the head in the dark and aiming it at the screen; The dynamic lighting looks incredible and shines off the water on the ground. The little rats running around are even really detailed!

At one point, I shot a flaming arrow way down the cavern and watched as it lit up everything it passed in its path to far away bridges! In the dark, when you pull out the gauntlets(can't remember the name), they actually light up the dark and when you do moves, the cavern actually illuminates!

Next time you play the demo, stop and just look around and play with every function; Then you will get an idea what people are talking about!

Christopher3202d ago

Screenshots look very good.

From a technical standpoint I'm still kind of put-off by this. They're using much higher resolution textures, especially for Kratos, but they're essentially just pushing 1080 resolution textures down our throat at the expense of other graphical elements that can really bring a game to life.

jellybalboa3202d ago

I just hope i dont die before the release date!

raztad3202d ago


Dont get me wrong but I think you are a bit too skeptical about GoW3 technical prowess. Come on, this is S Santa Monica. Those guys know about technical stuff, if anything they are really well proven with GoW1&2 that still look better (remastered version) than many new gen games.

The old GoW3 demo already showed really gorgeuos and Hi-res textures, both on the incredibly well detailed Kratos and environs. These new screenshoots are showing improvement. Game is gonna be jaw-dropping. No doubts about it


Bro, your comment made me realize there is a huge amount of HD console owners than are still using SD TVs.

Saigon3201d ago

and people complain about over hyping his game...every time i see a new footage of this game i am in awe...

Oner3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

@ thewhoopimen "amazing looking stuff
I am not a God of War fan... but those visuals are superb. Makes me want to at least rent it and see what this one is all about."

I originally felt the same way (especially about "button mashers") but after all the reading about the story line, seeing the HD images/videos and finding out there is a certain amount of skill with combos for attacks that gives a bit of depth to the game and much better action that I decided to take a chance on picking up the GoW Collection for PS3 on a trade for COD4...and I have to honestly admit I was surprised. I would definitely suggest at least renting it for PS3!...I have all but 2 or 3 trophies for GoW1 and am going to start on GoW2 soon (when the wifey gets back from NY) to space it out before GoW3 releases. Give it a try! You may very well look at the genre differently as I did from now on.

SullyDrake3201d ago

God Of War III is the best looking game ever made, in every way.

pixelsword3201d ago

If you think this doesn't look good, what hope in HELL do you think Halo: Reach will be any good?

I'm a serious Halo fanboy, but graphically GoWIII looks much better than any game I've seen on a console.

Consoldtobots3201d ago

"Then I would hate to see your standards for "WOW"."

you mean the label on the gamebox that says "only available on 360"?

Consoldtobots3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

"Well I don't get why people are saying OMG! when the game looks alright. DMC4 looks better IMO."

and this is why it's pure comedy and a waste of time to discuss gaming with insane 360 fanboys. These are also the same guy's that cry like little girls about this place being overrun with PS3 fanboys. No I think those are regular posters who think you are disgusting too and thus are compelled to slam the disagree button at your insane rants.

Megan Fox3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

@ pixelsword

"@ moneybuyseverything and Megan Fox, If you think this doesn't look good, what hope in HELL do you think Halo: Reach will be any good?

I'm a serious Halo fanboy, but graphically GoWIII looks much better than any game I've seen on a console. "

Where in my post did i said Halo Reach will look better than GOWIII, learn how to read, i said the game does not look better than U2.

Uncharted 2


Look at the the enviroments, colors, textures, etc... Uncharted 2 owns GOWIII.

raztad3201d ago

Yeah Megan, UC2 does look amazing. Those textures in UC2 are really beautiful. Still, on purpose you used perhaps the "weakest"* screenshot out of the bunch in order to make your point stronger.

Why not to use this:

*Weakest because the lightning dont help to show off the environment overall look.

Megan Fox3201d ago

@ raztad

Your are right maybe i didn't use the best GOWIII screenshot, but even with that one you posted i still think U2 have the edge. Take into consideration that I'm only comparing screenshots, the games in motion could be another different story, but until we see more on GOWIII I stay with my opinion that U2 owns.

ThanatosDMC3201d ago

Shouldnt we be expecting these type of graphic excellence when it's a 1st party or 2nd party developer for Sony?

I'll be getting this game when it's cheaper since this game doesnt have the hardcore fighting mechanics i look for. DMC all the way. They had better make DMC5 better than DMC3 and behead Nero.

8thnightvolley3201d ago

shyt looks sweet man....that is some .. beautiful looking game.. guys...

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nogolis3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Kratos is easily looking like the most highly detailed character model I've ever seen. If that is real time gameplay, and I'm a huge huge huge fan of Uncharted, but GOW3 --> U2.

That looks crazy good. Then again, Depth of Feild filters make anything look good. Reistance 2 without Depth of Feild turned on is an eye sore for me. I had to play the game with them on at all times. Infamous is another game that benifited from the filter of Depth of Field, only it was in the distritcs that had no power yet. I wish they had an unlock for that in the game.

Jamie Foxx3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

really need to fully appreciate what naughty dog have done, its like... ok done next...but in reality we have not seen the new build in motion so for now im holding off judgement, i played u2 again yest and its like laying eyes on the game for the first time

but i must say image 2 has blown me away completely and you can see thats ingame!!!!!

Bonsai12143202d ago

Naughty Dog probably shared tech with Sony Santa Monica. i wouldn't be surprised if Uncharted 2's graphics engine is modified and used in the game. the two games sort of look alike, in terms of how the textures look and the lighting.

Jamie Foxx3202d ago

but i will still give u2 the respect it desrves and not be so quick to dismiss it

badz1493202d ago

I will still play it till my fingers bleed! but looking at those pics, looks like my eyes gonna bleed way before my fingers! TOO AWESOME!! March can't come soon enough!

Christopher3202d ago

If all people do is look at texture quality on the main character, then yes, GoW3 > Uncharted 2.

But here's what people just don't seem to realize:

1. Uncharted 2 is a full 3d environment in which the camera and your character can be in almost any place within the environment. GoW3 has a programmed camera view that allows them to use flat images that won't need to look good from any perspective other than the controlled camera view; this includes character model textures and controlling the clipping of them. It's much much harder to program the graphics and physics of a game that can be seen from almost any angle at any point in the game. When programming for such an environment there are exponentially more issues you have to account for in order to prevent clipping and similar graphical issues.

2. Uncharted 2 allows for a character to move fluidly through an environment, climbing, running, jumping, straddling, and more depending on the player and the environment; furthermore the characters and environments react to one another - the physics of snow/water and how it reacts to various interaction, the physics of objects and how they react to various interaction, etc. GoW3 does not have this level of complexity. People tend to overlook all the work it takes to not only make a character perform seemingly dynamic and fluid actions in a game, let alone one with the graphical prowess that Uncharted 2 has.

3. Uncharted 2's AI must account for all of these true 3d world factors and player actions. This includes performing many of the actions that the player does but in response to what the character is doing. GoW3 does have an AI, but it is at a much simpler level than Uncharted 2 since the majority of the actions will be for an opponent to perform one of a few actions (if that many) in an environment that they don't have to be programmed to respond or interact with - bee line to Kratos and kill.

And that's honestly just the tip of the ice berg.

Oner3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Damned fine post cgoodno, excellent info +Bubble!

To me though, it's not specifically about that U2 or GoW2 is "better" graphically or whatever over one or the another, but it's how well they BOTH push their field/genre/hardware to the limit using the best of their abilities.

What it boils down to (for me) is the Devs who have the skill, desire and pride to put the proper time and effort into making something amazing! And one thing is for clearly shows/delineates those who talk $#@! about their product (or others) from the ones who let their skills do the talking for them.

pixelsword3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Resistance 2 doesn't have depth of field activated as a default; it's an option you get to use to turn on after beating the game, just like sepia tones and motion blur.

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MGS_fanatico_3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

I love the way Kratos looks, but in sheer polygons, he's no match for Drake.
80k > 20k!
Although the overall look and scope of the game is most likely going to surpass U2 in every way (which I can't even begin to fathom, since U2 looked like CG at times).

And looks like Jaffe wasn't bulls*itting around with his statements of 'moving art'!
Almost thought it to be concept art!

yogaflame3202d ago

yup it is like painting come to life

thewhoopimen3202d ago

I had no idea they managed drake with 37k and still managed to make him look so good in cinematics using the same model

Excerpt: "Drake however never gets LOD.. except for multiplayer.. but single player is the high resolution model the whole time.. same model that is in the cinematics."

SasanovaS19873202d ago

not to downplay drake in any way, but it isnt fair when couple thousand polygons go in the hair alone...get it? ;)

mt3202d ago

kratos is the most detail character i have seen not even drake is detailed like him . i mean if you talking about 80 20k then throw at kratos full clothes and give him hair nd u got 80k or more .

bjornbear3202d ago

thats ingame? I THOUGHT IT WAS ART WORK!!!

Damn...this game is going to CRUSH EVERYTHING ELSE. xD

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deshon093202d ago

god of war as a series has become my favorite of all the time i have be playing video games

dustgavin3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

I played the demo and the detail they added since then is astounding!