LanCool Dragon Lord PC-K58W Computer Case Review (BmR)

Benchmark Reviews: LanCool's line of Dragon Lord computer cases offer two great advantages over many competitors. The first is the amount of customization they provide in choosing a stock model. Rather than simply providing one high end case and one low end case they provide options for several intermediate levels. The second advantage offered by LanCool is their tool-less designs. Many tool-less designs of the past have suffered from compatibility or usability problems. LanCool uses a fresh approach to alleviate the problems of the past while still providing the option to fall back on conventional installation. Benchmark Reviews recently reviewed the PC-K56W which offers snap-in hard drive assemblies. We now bring you the PC-K58W which extends the tool-less design, offers more space, more features, and more room to upgrade.

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Not a bad case. Not that good either. Other than the psu clamp, there really isn't much too this case other than style.

The air filter is definitely a nice touch. More cases should come with them. Or at least an option. However removing the panels to clean, add fans or w/e shows how basic and "cheap" looking the case is.

Good for people looking for a decent gaming case. 80 bucks usd isn't so bad. But for the same price, or just a few bucks more you can get many more options in a mid tower, with a helluva lot more cooling. Guess it comes down to personal styling choices.

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