The Top 10 Current Browser-Based MMOGs

Not everyone these days has an top end gaming rig at their disposal but virtually everyone has a web browser, and this fact certainly isn't lost on enterprising game developers in search of the next big thing. Browser-based MMOGs are a rapidly expanding force in the gaming world and this week TenTonHammer spotlights them with a Top Ten Browser-Based MMOGs list. Featuring everything from divide-and-conquer strategy to traditional sword and board fantasy, with lots of new concepts in between, they recap some of their favorites from the genre.

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3199d ago
Fragger2k83199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

This list completely fails without RuneScape being there. It is the best browser MMO out there, and, in my opinion, the best MMO there is.

Free Realms is kind of fun, and it does have a bunch of different things to do, but it has nothing on RuneScape. There's just something special about it.

Also, I can't even think of any other MMO out there that's been around since 2001 that is still constantly supported and updated. Jagex loves their game and cares about their players. You can't say that about most other MMO companies, they're pretty much all just about the money. That alone makes Jagex deserve that number one spot on this list.

bozebo3199d ago

yeah i lost a bubble too for saying rs was bad :(

this site has too many idiots browsing it

Lanontscuz3199d ago

Travian !!! At home or on my phone! Its great...

TheLiztress3199d ago

I haven't tried most of those but I have let my son play FusionFall and FreeRealms a bit. He enjoyed them and I might have to give them a shot as well.

bozebo3199d ago

spam site :/

and why isnt rs even on the list? its clearly number one. and shut up graphics noobs, we dont care about the crap graphics - you are completely missing the point.

free realms is absolute dire

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