The Jury is Out on Natal

While Microsoft claims 70-80% of all publishers in the world are currently in the process of developing Natal-based games, some developers are disputing the merits of Microsoft's motion-control peripheral. It's certainly disheartening to see Microsoft dropping horsepower from the device, but what's more disturbing is seeing developers -- the people responsible for the games we love -- question it. How will Natal fare when it launches this holiday season?

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Bereaver3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Well... in all things fair.... the lag is the only thing I cared about with Natal.

Because when it comes down to it, I don't care 100% about graphics.

The dropped power is only more ammunition on top of the most fallible problem, the lag.

Publishers don't equal developers. And if a company requires you to do something, you aren't doing something you really want to do.

Things that are forcefully made don't come out half as good as the rest.

DMason3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

I think this might be the 136th article I've read this week on how Natal is doomed. Funny how these hack "bloggers" can make assumptions on hardware that hasnt been released. Give it a friggin chance before you condemn it.

Edit: *Sigh* It seems that most of the approvals have come from pro-PS3 contributors. Will the bias never end?

qface643290d ago

how many ps3 is doomed articles have we seen
how many wii is doomed articles have we seen
how many 3rd party hates wii articles have we seen
how many natal is amazing articles have we seen
etc etc and the list goes on

this isn't a new thing

SasanovaS19873290d ago

the difference here is how obvious of a fail natal is gonna be, but microsoft will still come out and say how it meets the expectations in sales to make it seem like its going ok, so bots can follow up and buy it...its how it goes, but in all honesty, i do want natal to succeed to a certain degree, then maybe il finally buy a 360. im not into controllerless gameplay, however, i can see the potential of playing a game like dead space for example, and pressing start to bring up the menu, then use my arms to slide pass the menu and what not, or using the sniper in the same sense as killzone 2, but holding the controller infront of you, steadily, so natal registers calmness or something, for steady aim...i can think of thousands of applications for natal, but they all include a controller with it, with the camera just inhancing the experience...but to sell a product based on "your body is the controller", well, il just wait and watch microsoft eat their words when what i said happens...

Bigpappy3290d ago

@SasanovaS1987. I am trying to follow what your line of thought, but the line turned out to be a maze, and I am lost. You start out by saying " how obvious of a fail natal is gonna be" then in the same sentence you say M$ is going to talk Xbots in to buying it. It is impossible to take you guys serious. You argue with yourselves and win!

RememberThe3573290d ago

It wasn't that complicated. He acknowledged that there may be some benefits of using Natal WITH a controller but didn't like the idea of using Natal without a controller.

You really don't have to make it so complicated for yourself.

moneybuyseverything3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

"It's certainly disheartening to see Microsoft dropping horsepower from the device, but what's more disturbing is seeing developers -- the people responsible for the games we love -- question it. How will Natal fare when it launches this holiday season?"

Like who PS3 loyalist? Wii Motion and PS3 wand also use system resources lol. Everybody can use system resources but Microsoft. WTF?

Microsoft claims they have lots of support? The devs are announcing their support by the truck loads.

Please we don't need 100 anti Natal articles a week dressed up as constructive criticism.

The haters are just going to have to deal with it. The lack of support and attention of the PS3 wand is not our problem.

I missed all the articles with all the skeptical developers warranting an written article lol.

ReservoirDog3163290d ago

If it comes out good, cool I guess. But I'm really not interested in it one bit. If certain events take place, it could actually be really bad (if it catches on big with mainstream then we could actually lose MS like we lost Nintendo, why play with 360 numbers when you can have Wii numbers?).

So, let's just hope for the best.

Fair-Play3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

How did I know your comment would be negative before even reading it O that's right because almost every comment you make on the 360 in a blatant or stealth troll post.

First of all Nintendo has always been a family company people forget that. Even in the NES days Nintendo where stuffing learning games down gamers throats sticking a Mario sticker on the case to hide it.

Around about that time what games where Microsoft playing around with..... O yeah I remember MechWarrior where you go around blowing the living crap out of other Mechs. Microsoft in the end will go where the money is like every other company that's true.

But Microsoft ain't all that family driven when it comes to gaming and I don't think they intend to leave the hardcore market. They tried the family game market with banjo and kazooie nut and bolts they still have the scars to prove it.

Look at there line up this year regardless of who there developed by the 360/PC line up is all hardcore. If they where looking to enter the family market the market Nintendo's always aimed at. Don't you think there announced 2010 line up would at least in some small way reflect that?

ReservoirDog3163290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Haha, no.

I love my 360. I just started the ballad of gay tony today and finished the lost and damned the other day. One of my most anticipated games this year is Splinter Cell Conviction. I also love my PS3. Playing Ratchet and Clank and Batman AA on it. Haven't got much stuff for my Wii but I like that too. I'm one of the few people who actually isn't biased.

I just don't like this gimicky stuff (natal, the "gem" or whatever, 3D, that stuff). No matter what I look at, all this just rubs me the wrong way.

And what I said about natal stands true for sony too. If the wand thing can be a runaway hit like the Wii, then why would sony play with 1.5 million consoles sold when they could play with 4 million consoles sold in one month (rounded numbers).

Believe me on this, I don't waste the time to hate a console. That's stupid. I just don't like the path the industry is taking.

edit: And if anyone wants to question the troll thing that Fair-Play mentioned and isn't bothered enough to look through the comment history, I'll gladly give my comments that show me defend each and every console. Ok?

edit again:

Reading the bottom of your comment, I know natal has plenty of hardcore games coming out. But like I said, casuals outnumber us "hardcore" by like 10-1. If they get unbelievable success with casual stuff and minimal success with hardcore stuff, what would stop them from doing what Nintendo did and turn their backs on us save for 2 games a year?

I just don't like the road the industry is taking.

Maddens Raiders3290d ago

see Natal being successful at all. I'm serious call me what you want but I just don't see this peripheral being the "magic wand" for Microsoft in 2010 at all. I mean look, they could really do something spectacular with the tech and make it so that all you have to do is think about what you want to do and it happens (that's when life ends) but I don't see that happening.

In the end though I see MS milking this for all it's worth but it's a Sisyphean effort -- it's their core games that are going to carry them through the end {Halo,Gears,PGR} as they see the PS3 gaining lots of ground next year and the year after before MS releases there next machine. I think even some real hardcore 360 fans think this is a step a bit in the wrong if not "weird" direction. These are just my two cents here, nothing else.

And to be fair I really don't give a damn about SNE's foray into the motion control waters either. yuck.

RealityCheck3290d ago

@ 1.9 ReservoirDog316

I agree with you on the industry trend remarks. I was one of the guy on here back when the Wii became popular a few years ago that expressed fear about the casual craze catching on to the point where MS and Sony would want to jump on the bandwagon and start diverting resources and studios away from traditional games and into waggle\minigames. Many people made fun of people expressing those early views. Sadly, on both MS and Sony's fronts, the trend as you say is going this way. Mark my word, there will be games that will come out that could have been enjoyable with a controller but will be forced to use only Natal or the Wand in an attempt to force sell the concept - just like Lair with the sixaxis.

HammockGames3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

They have the potential to be pretty slick. But just because they have potential doesn't mean it will be fulfilled.

If it allows me to control a game just as well as a standard controller or adds to the immersion factor, that's cool.

But if it feels like I'm fighting the motion controls rather than simply using them, count me out.

Ultimately, what I don't want is a ton of shovelware like the Wii now has. Gimmicky and utter and total crap has become the norm. I don't want to see my beloved PS3 or 360 go down a road where innovation as far as graphics and gameplay are sacrificed for a fad interface.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3289d ago

Let's keep it real, Natal is scaring the crap out of the pro-Sony camp (just when the PS3 starts to dig itself out of the grave, Natal comes along and threatens to kick it back into the grave) so these "Natal is doomed" articles will be showing up constantly from here on out.

It's rather sad, actually.

likedamaster3289d ago

The Wii was met with the same skepticism. Natal will be great and will exceed expectations, you watch.

Hellsvacancy3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Stealth Troll? wot the hells that? is it like - im gonna b right in ya face gobbin off at ya and all sorts BUT u cant c me coz im in stealth mode, invisible kinda thing - i dont get it sum-1 explain (i aint a compo-nerd)

bjornbear3289d ago

ooh so these articles are all hate eh? not fun is it?

well then go on and count how many there are for EVERYTHING else.

This is well deserved since there have only been natal-hyping articles, no proof of Natal's worth, and just PR crap everyone's been feeding off

however, i also think this is stupid, since we know NOTHING from Natal.

But since people are silly enough to Hype it...might as well bash it a bit too =P

HammockGames3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

@ likedamaster

True about the Wii skepticism. But it depends on your definition of success => are we talking about system sales, overall game quality, or simply the presence of a few games that prove motion controls CAN work?

The Wii sales speak for themselves. But I don't know that MS and Sony are going to bottle that same lightening. And if the trend is toward Wii-like quality games (some good, most not) then IMHO this is not necessarily a good thing for gamers.

I'm not trying to hate on motion controls. Not at all. But I'm also not doing jumping jacks over them either. I just think there's a lot left to prove on either side of the debate.

Mike134nl3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Either way natal can rock or fail if it fails there will be enough motion (wii) sticks available from third parties for people to get their motion control fix on the xbox360.

syanara3289d ago

all i see are articles about natal? teh wand is coming out way sooner and wheres the talk about that? has everybody just forgotten about the wand?

thesummerofgeorge3289d ago

You know, mix the two, so some games you'll be controlling regularly with the controller, but certain movements can be done using natals mocap. I think it's not advanced enough yet to be a standalone controller, plus I think most people wouldn't want to play an entire game with no physical controller at all.I would much rather use a controller with some natal incorporation. But rather than using natal as an extra feature (kinda like sixaxis only compliments the regular controller) they're marketing it like you'll play entire games of all kinds swinging your arms around and jumping up and down. Lag and over reliance could easily kill natal IMO.

IdleLeeSiuLung3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

From the time the dev kits were shipped until now (that is about 6-7 months), we got maybe a handful people complaining about the lag from developers/industry people in general. To boot, the developers aren't even that well known.

On the flip side, we are hearing a lot of positive things from people that actually has experienced it including publishers and developers.

The only one complaining are the ones with no first hand experience bloggers and fanboys. Most probably don't even have a technical background....

What happened to let's wait and see. What about the wand, it is to be released this Spring and I have not heard much about it at all. No real game announcements, no news or develpment?


zeeshan3289d ago

Microsoft and Hardware. Hmmm, something always feels wrong when you read that in a sentence.

ShadowCK3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

"There's no denying there's a bit of lag between your movements and those of your on-screen avatar. However, the discrepancy is so tiny that it never feels like the lag has cost you a hit. In any case, playing Ricochet is immediately instinctive and enormous fun."

"The response here didn't seem as sharp as it did with Burnout -- but to be fair, there did seem to be a small learning curve with the aiming system."

Project Natal is shaping is very nicely and everyone who has played it were very impressed (As noted by all the hands on previews from gaming websites). Microsoft will not doubt refine it before it comes out so that all of us here are able to enjoy to the maximum.

SaberEdge3289d ago

Exactly, ShadowCK. I have seen mostly very positive comments from those that have actually had hands on time with it. I think it has a lot of potential. I can't wait to see what devs do with it.

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inSaneELF3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Well, since you're taking your thoughts public, I guess it would only be fair that I do as well.

Nowhere in the article are there any assumptions made on Natal. It doesn't say "Natal is doomed" or even suggest that. It merely cites opinions from industry professionals on Microsoft's piece of hardware. It is unbiased and presents views from both sides as they are given. It's not bias, it's reporting. How is that unprofessional?

"The jury is out" suggests that a decision hasn't been made. Rehash or not, it has comments from professionals, whereas most of the other articles on here are just baseless ranting and speculation.

"Assumptions"? Where the hell do you get that? Sorry for my language, but honestly. There are no assumptions here. I can't help but wonder if you really read the article in its entirety because the author makes no assumptions on Natal.

But take what you want from it I guess...

hakis863290d ago

I am not buying NAtal for my 360.

I'll buy the PS3 wand for my PS3 - probably within a few months. Games will get patced and work great with it.

mfwahwah3289d ago

I agree.

I just wish they could've asked Milo why he ran away from Natal...

It's obviously not a good sign :(

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Xi3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

I have the feeling MS will be planning another restructuring for the launch of natal.

Arcade + natal for $250, pro $199, elite $300. Or they might even try and get Pro+natal $250, arcade $175, elite + natal $325. Throw in a redesign (unlikely), and some quality exclusives, which the 360 has a tonne lined up, and it'll sell just fine.

Initial support is there, whether or not support continues for the device is another thing.

bujasem_893290d ago

not caring for their consumers and only looking to make loads of money even if that means turning the 360 into another wii :O !!! noooo not microsoft they would never do that ... right??

Michael-Jackson3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Microsoft is like "Lets beat the Blu-Ray with HDDVD" and look how that turned out and now trying to compete with the Wii for the casual market, all I see here is another fail attempt.

Trebius3289d ago

Than 1 game that sells 10 mil.

You can play your ONE game out of the year (halo), while us PS3 gamers enjoy countless amounts of exclusive titles.

Keep crying :)

What are you gonna play until the end of the year when Reach comes out?

MW2? lol. You have no games. Go cry to mommy for a PS3, or save up your lunch money for a few weeks.

SaberEdge3289d ago

What am I going to play until Halo Reach comes out? Um let's see...all the other good 360 exclusives coming out this year, as well as whatever I get for my PS3.

The 360 has a killer lineup, with amazing games spread throughout the whole year. First up, Mass Effect 2. Can't wait.