Fallout 3 scans from Game Informer

Game Informer brings you inside Bethesda and give you the first details about this post-apocalyptic open-ended RPG that's hitting the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2008.

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ngg123454738d ago

This game looks awesome already. Bethsheda, you'll have to do one amazing job to make this game as good as the last 2.

Lucidmantra4738d ago

thanks for posting these I am sure my GI is in the mailbox I just gotta get to it tomorrow to get it.

Komrad4738d ago

Yea can't wait to get my GI in the mail as well. It does look VERY sweet!

eclipsegryph4738d ago

Wow, I can't believe all of the people complaining on that forum. Didn't they even look at the scans or read the article!? They're getting as much of the old school Fallout as possible, it looks like. An isometric view RPG wouldn't stand up in today's market, and that's just a sad fact, since I also happen to like it. But I also happen to be a realist.

Charlie26884738d ago

Ok I have a BUNCH of mixed emotions after reading and looking at the scans

so here it goes PLEASE Bethesda I beg of you DONT ruin Fallout 3 like you usually do with your games PLEASE T.T

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