Time Crisis 4 - GunCon3 and Interview

Time Crisis 4 - GunCon3 and Interview

click view interview for the HD version.

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sadiq4232d ago

ima buy it hopefully if i get money

Lord Anubis4232d ago

I have the old xbox time crisi , although I didn't have the gun I will strongly consider buying it for the PS3. How much is the GunCon though?

sadiq4232d ago

they dont sell it seperately...

Rythrine4232d ago

I'm definitely getting this game. I've always been a big fan of the series even the arcade versions. God knows how much money I spent trying to beat this game in the arcades a couple of years ago with TC 3. Haven't played 4 yet but I had seen it. I'm just excited its coming out for ps3. That guncon 3 looks pretty sick too, I just didn't dig the orange color. Hopefully, we can choose which color we want but I pretty much doubt that. Also, hopefully we can use the FPS functionality of this guncon with other FPS games. I don't know how well it will work but listening with the interview, it seems it can handle FPS pretty well. Like I said, here's hoping.

Phantom_Lee4232d ago

did he really just said that this game is going to be release THIS YEAR?

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