Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Eyes-On

World War II shooters aren't exactly known for their originality. How many times have you stormed the beaches on D-Day, snuck through an unassuming European farm, or holed yourself in a dilapidated church (seems like Europe is exclusively made of farms and churches)? If you're a little sick of this, take note: Sparks Unlimited (makers of Call of Duty: Finest Hour) aims to shake up this monotony in Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, coming to PS3, 360 and PC. The fight is coming to the US. And we're not talking about Pearl Harbor this time.

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ErcsYou4738d ago

looks like trash to me...
i expect more from my games than this.
looks like a wii game...

Dr Pepper4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

The looks definitely aren't the greatest. However, I'm also concerned with the location. If it is based mostly in NY (they did mention D.C.) with the typical FPS linear levels, the urban environment could get very repetitive.

They're trying something new, which is good, but I doubt it will be a very good game.

Diselage4738d ago

Way to be an optimist pepper, i'll probably rent this at least to see how good a game like this could be. Not saying this will be the be all end all of this genre but i can get an idea in the direction they're trying and see if it's viable.

dustin25244738d ago

Freedom Fighters much?

Starting out as a normal ordinary guy and then have to defend your homeland against Communists?
Whatever, I won't complain, Freedom Fighters was an amzing game and I hope this game lives up to it.