Fudzilla: Sapphire HD 5670 1024MB GDDR5 Tested

Nvidia is working around the clock to launch Fermi, but AMD keeps gaining ground with its Evergreen series of DirectX 11 graphics cards. Unfortunately for AMD and ATI, although Nvidia doesn't have DirectX 11 hardware, the current availability of Radeons isn't quite bringing in truckloads of cash to the red team. Being certain that the availability is slowly improving, AMD decided to launch another DirectX 11 card dubbed Radeon HD 5670 and this time the company is aiming for lower-end mainstream segments of the market.

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bozebo3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

yep, its those PC world junk models that make them the cash. and good on amd for exploiting it, they deserve a bigger market share.

what ive heard of the nvidia cards is quite good though, but they are going to be targeting the same market segment again. think about the 4870 vs the 285gtx - nvidia have more performance but a higher price, whereas ati have the best performance to price. Though this time the nVidia ones will use less power and be smaller... so they might be a bit more balanced out - but ati's lead could put thinks their way - especially when they drop their prices as nvidia launch their cards. if I can get an ati model for 30% less cash that gives 80% of the performance, seems like a good deal to me: need to see what the electricity bill is now though because the nVidia ones should be greener. Once they have cards ready there will be reviews and benchmarks popping up and we can make our decision.

why 1GB of video memory? thats overkill for the card's processing power

Cosquae3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Should be interesting because I've heard (mostly from Fudzilla so make of that what you will) that the new nVidia cards are pretty much like their last generation relative to their ATI counterparts.

They're about 20% faster, but use more power (and thus get hotter) but are about the same physical size. Prices will be a bit higher than ATI (though theirs should be comming down now that supply has been increased)

Of course all of this is heresay until the benchmarks do come out but I look forward to when they do. Probably around March for the first few single GPU cards, then one or two months after for the dual GPU card by which point ATI may have their 5890 out.

Edit: I think Sapphire are trying to raise their model above the factory spec, hence the 1GB DDR5. Also some games now benefit from that much VRAM (thinking GTA IV).

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