G4TV: Darksiders Review

After playing a game that apes its influences without the polish or panache of the originals, you begin to appreciate why steadfast franchises take so long between releases in the first place. But, as Cervantes, said "There's no sauce in the world like hunger," and Darksiders, at the very least, fills a void in the current release cycle. As a new take on old ideas, it stumbles, but the final reveal promises a far more engaging sequel than what Darksiders has to offer. In the end, Darksiders is a highly competent game, but not a particularly creative one.

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Sanzee3196d ago

2/5 seems a little low. But then again I haven't played the game yet, so I wouldn't really know.

Daver3196d ago

Darksiders is far from being a 2/5.. it was a very good game maybe not AAA but still a good one and i can see darksiders 2 being AAA

WildArmed3196d ago

wow this totally contridicts with what I've heard about the game.
I heard it was atleast a solid 8/10, if not a 9/10 o_O

maybe i should bother reading the review.. but imma skip this one thank you very much


and what the hell happened to MW2? what the hell happened to other games originality? AGAIN the double standards in the media. Im not talking about a PS3 exclusive as I have this game on my 360. Im talking about bad revies to new franchises and great reviews to franchises that didnt innovate but dont needed because "is more of the great ___________"


WildArmed3196d ago

if this was about the originality argument, then no new games should recieve more then a 3-4 / 10.

Unicron3196d ago

Innovation in reviews is a selective argument sadly.

IE - how big is the franchise? Is it a cash cow? Then innovation need not apply.

Ryo-Hazuki3196d ago

I just dont get how these guys are rating Darksiders so low. I have the game and im having a good time with it. It deserves nothing less than a 8.0

RockmanII73196d ago

I've heard bad things about the 360 version. When they release a patch it will be on my watch list.

3196d ago