Which PCs Are Most Bloated?

Recently a video was done to show what PC's(and Mac) had regarding bloatware. In the video, they test 8 new PCs for trialware, drive space used, and set up times.

According to their results, Sony, HP and Dell are the worst offenders.

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Lord Anubis4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

my vaio AR doesn't have wild tangement nor any of the other software except for sony branded products and sysmantec.

perhaps it could be because its the AR series.

I'm sure the same applys to the others pcs they tested. It would've been great if they had posted which pcs they tested not just the brand.

snoop_dizzle4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

i have a gateway computer and whats funny that in some areas its the biggest problem causer yet isn't the worst one out there.

The only issue i have had was the mcafee software messing up.

Aside from that, it runs pretty well.

Nav14736d ago

Apple had the best processor (speed wise..probably why it costs more)

Xi4736d ago

which is why I stopped drinking pepsi, and which is why I hate Macs. I also think the PC guy is more charming and funny.

calderra4736d ago

iThink you iNeed to iRespect the iMac and its iBrand. How can you not iLove the iCalc, iPhoto, iPhone, and iSuckSteveJobsOff? Mac is becoming more pretentious that Linux has ever been.

Macs are for Photoshop. Linux is for admins. PCs are for the rest of us. Let's keep it that way, thanks.

Xi4736d ago

I run ubuntu on my laptop for programming. ssh does wonders when trying to compile on a sparc machine.

ITR4736d ago

I program with REALBasic(basically VB for OSX).
I write a app. for OSX and then compile it once so it works on OSX/Linux/and Windows 98-XP.

ben hates you4736d ago

my cousins got me(for free) Adobe photoshop 8.0 and it rocks, but on other note, i like ms's response to the mac commercials, they just ignore it, it shows them knowing they have 90% of market

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The story is too old to be commented.