Aaron Greenberg responds to December NPD results

Aaron Greenberg has posted a response to the December NPD results in which he praises the Xbox 360 for its software sales and more.

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Meus Renaissance3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Microsoft are right to look at things from a broader perspective, it did outsell the PS3 in North America. But not by much. However the very fact that it did outsell the mighty PS3 may be seen as a victory by some. However if we remain to take a broader perspective of things, the 360 has sold less this holiday period than in 2008 despite being cheaper. Obviously Microsoft realise that their market growth on their home turf is weakening, no wonder why they are putting all their cards on Natal. But it'll need to be nothing less than a cultural hit for the 360 to show growth in 2010 and beyond otherwise the PS3 will begin to consistently outsell it in the US as it does outside it.

Personally, I'm excited about Natal's potential. Microsoft are more of a need of a brand image change than any other. Hopefully Natal gives them that, assuming it's worth it.

If you agree with me, press either agree or disagree

Sunny_D3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Denial is not a good thing my friend.

PlayStation 2 333.2K
PlayStation 3 1.36M
PSP 654.7K
Xbox 360 1.31M
Wii 3.81M
Nintendo DS 3.31M

EDIT: Oh,ok. The article was talking about the DECEMBER NPD sales, so I thought that is what he was referring to.

deadreckoning6663197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

1. Wii
2. Xbox 360
3. PS3

Same story in North America since 2007. The PS3 is DEFINETLY closing the gap, however it'll be hard for it to take second place overall when the 360 cuts the price. M$ is INSANE. If the PS3 begins to outsell the 360 significantly, whose to say that that M$ won't add built-in Wi-fi or make Gold Membership free? Trust will be VERY hard for the PS3 to overtake the 360 in NA.

I'm not biased and I'm certaintly not a fanboy, just sayin what I think will happen.

"the 360 has been dirt cheap, has had some insane bundles and that still was not enough, what needs a price cut is live and accessories, i dont think MS is willing to do that though"

Because M$ is STILL in 2nd place. M$ isn't making Live free and giving consumers free Wi-fi cause their not in the danger zone yet. When/If the PS3 begins to outsell the 360 in NA, were gunna see M$ do crazy things. If M$ included Wi-fi out-of-the-box and all of a sudden made XBL Gold free, the PS3 would be done.

lord_of_balrogs3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

What 2009's biggest failure was the lack of console exclusives. However, in 2010 MS has 7 console exclusives already which should mean a good year.

Alan Wake
Crackdown 2
Halo Reach
Fable 3
Metro 2033

He's talking about overall sales for the year 2009 in the US.

mint royale3197d ago

I thought the ps3 outsold the 360?

MS shouldn't be too disheartened they beat their 2008 sales. Its just the ps3 beat its 2008 sales greatly with the price cut and the wii sells more than well... everything.

Saaking3197d ago

The PS3 beat the 360 in NA by just a little, but DESTROYED it in overall WW sales. In the end, NA =/= World and the world is where the PS3 triumphs.

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silvacrest3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

no surprise greenburg mentioned the PS3 when talking about xbox 360 sales.....

"However the very fact that it did outsell the mighty PS3 may be seen as a victory by some"

its just funny hearing a 360 fan saying that given this is the 360s homeland where it has dominated before

if MS wanted to do a image rebrand i would sell a SKU with EVERYTHING included and make a big thing about it in a marketing push, also, either cut or scrap the cost of live

@deadreckoning666, the 360 has been dirt cheap, has had some insane bundles and that still was not enough, what needs a price cut is live and accessories, i dont think MS is willing to do that though

beans3197d ago

Does anyone know how much consumers spent on PS3 hardware, software and accessories? Also what was there attach rate?

@saaking: link please? and not some random site.

Motion3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Not all those games are exclusive, and it doesn't make sense to just limit the contenders to consoles to claim that they are. If that was the case I could call a lot of games PC exclusives, if I didn't want to take consoles into consideration. It really makes no sense to ignore an entire platform.

Cold 20003197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Just watch, Saaking wont post any link.

ActionBastard3197d ago

I'm not shocked Aaron had to look at the cumulative 2009 sales, the data is true. The 360 sold 486k more than the PS3 in 2009. He can't very well come out and say they sold 1.2 million less than they did last year. His disregard of the Wii is hilarious.

Dev8 ing3197d ago

So the amount that the 360 outsold the PS3 by in the whole of 2009 in North America was made up in 1 month of sales in Japan (December).

JokesOnYou3197d ago

He didn't mention wii, because wii is dominating the market.

He didn't talk specificly about 360 vs ps3 December NPD sales cause sony had a narrow edge.

He did talk about US cumulative 2009 sales because the 360 is on top.

He did talk about 360 software sales because they are amazing, even compared to wii which sells alot more hardware month to month and has a bigger install base.

Typical PR, nothing over-the-top fanboyish about his comments.


Elven63197d ago

silvacrest: What release are you reading? He never said that.

NPD shows great 2009 results for #Xbox360 $4.8B in consumer spend, outsold the PS3, led in 3rd party SW & record 8.8 SW attach

ActionBastard3197d ago

He quoted Meus Elven6, not Greenburg.

Jamie Foxx3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

greenberg neglected talking about losing what many insiders call the most illustrious month of console sales along with black friday (the festive period)

ps3 was the only console to see an increase in NPD sales by double figures (22%)

ps3s is beating the 360 worldwide which proves japan is still relevant where its consistently beating the 360 by a huge margin and dfor the year 2009 its margin was by more than one million

360 outsold the ps3 overall in NPD by how large was the gap? they were both in the 4million bracket the lead was very marginal if you look at the figures

so yes i agree with joy in the fact that greenberg is doing his PR talk even if there are FACTS that show its not as clear cut as greenberg suggests

Elven63197d ago

Action Bastard: He specifically mentions Greenberg in his post.

ActionBastard3197d ago

no surprise greenburg mentioned the PS3 when talking about xbox 360 sales..... (1 sentence, referring to Greenburg)

"However the very fact that it did outsell the mighty PS3 may be seen as a victory by some" (1 new sentence, quoting Meus)

its just funny hearing a 360 fan saying that given this is the 360s homeland where it has dominated before (a follow up opinion to the Meus quote)

Just b/c he mentioned Greenburg, doesn't mean his entire statement was referring to Greenburg.

Elven63197d ago

Action Bastard: Where did Greenberg say anything about the PS3 in his statement? That was what I was asking.

Nihilism3197d ago

LOL @ both sony and MS fanboys disregarding the ever increasing Wii lead, I keep hearing about how sony is going to steal the #1 spot, or how natal and that dildo wand that sony has are going to "DESTROY!!!!!!!!" the wii, because all of a sudden the hardcore gamers are backing motion control now that it has come to their system of choice.

But the wii outsells all other consoles consistently and the gap is increasing, so when will the heralded "end of the Wii" take place exactly?

EVILDEAD3603197d ago

I love how Aaron brings out the absolute worst in people by expressing positive state of the 360..

Why not concentrate on what the 360 did well throughout the year..

Software sales and withstanding the amazing sales of what essentially was a brand new console from Sony.

It is what it is..


gapecanpie3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )


Total for the year 2009

Xbox360 - 4,770,700

PS3 - 4,334,500

Shang Tsung says .... Xbox360 Wins - Flawless Victory

Proud Wii360 owner and yes tricks are for kids and also I was only counting the HD system. But your right if you include the Wii then yes it is first which is good too. :)

Nihilism3197d ago

Wii: 9,594,000

Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids.

Mike134nl3197d ago

In the end consoles are sold at a loss so they can make profit on software (games/ + bluy ray movies for sony) and hardware sales 2009 Microsoft did better job than Sony, question is if Microsoft will be able to keep this up.

The Lazy One3197d ago

Not all consoles are sold at a loss late in life. The Wii was never sold at a loss, and I'm pretty sure the 360 is breaking even now. I don't know how much the new PS3 slim costs, but I'd imagine it's pretty close to even if not completely even.

Late in life console sales are meant to make money. Early life console sales are meant to increase install base.

CrazedFiend3197d ago

Where in the NPD Charts did the 360 outsell the PS3 in December?
I'm seeing 1.36M for the PS3 and 1.31M for the 360 in the US.

Is that wrong? Is there something that I'm not seeing here?

darthv723197d ago

I would like to know by what conditions people state the 360 or ps3 is beating the other in world wide numbers. By a given period like a single year or lifetime because if I am not mistaken, the ps3 is NOT beating the 360 in worldwide numbers for lifetime sales.

Please explain how the ps3 is killing the 360 and under what specific data chart this information is displayed?

I would think that any year over year growth is better than a decline. Keep in mind that not only are these consoles competing against each other, they are competing against themselves in previous quarterly results. Any gain is better than a decline. No spin there just plain simple common sense.

cjflora3197d ago

Broad perspective is EXACTLY what Sony's goal has been the whole time! They know that over the lifetime of the console it will dominate. The 360's already starting to show that it's at the end of its lifecycle. Sure, Natal "might" add to that with a gimmick, but the actual hardware of the 360 is nearing its max.

silvacrest3196d ago

thanks action for trying to clear up something i thought was clear and obvious

@Elven6, from the in quoats "NPD shows great 2009 results for #Xbox360 $4.8B in consumer spend, outsold the PS3, led in 3rd party SW & record 8.8 SW attach

its in quoats and the title of the article is aaron greenberg responds to december NPD results, who else could it be refferencing if not greenberg?

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morganfell3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

The facts? Microsoft threw the kitchen sink and every possible bundle imaginable at the market. Bundles that no one could have dreamed of and they still couldn't beat Sony. No amount of broader perspective views will alter the fact that MS is losing the worldwide fight against Sony and Sony's lineup in 2010 is even more lethal than the MS multiplatform lineup.

With one country added to the US total, Japan, Sony completely buries Microsoft.

Method3197d ago

Indeed. Gran Turismo 5 and God of War 3 will sell more systems than Halo Reach could ever dream of.

SDF Repellent3197d ago

"he facts? Microsoft threw the kitchen sink and every possible bundle imaginable at the market. Bundles that no one could have dreamed of and they still couldn't beat Sony."

What Mega Super Ultra Bundle are you referring to that MS threw out this Holidat? Batman lego and Pure? LOL.

If you want to talk about outrages bundle, try the one that Best Buy have with throwing in a PS3 and a game and Blu Ray Movie for Free when you buy a Bravia TV.

Both PS3 and X360 have some limited bundles like the MW2 Arcade Bundle at Walmart and the inFamous/ Batman AA/ The Dark Knight Blu Ray bundle at Walmart.

Stop posting outrages claims.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3197d ago

Actually morganfell the 360 outsold the PS3 in NA without a price drop. The PS3 however had a price drop and it hardly made a dent. The PS3 isn't looking to good after 3yrs on the market and after a 130 million PS2 install base. 130 million for the PS2 and as powerful as a brand the PLaystation is the PS3 is failing by comparison. The PS2 sold 15 million n its 2nd year alone (in one year) and 18 million in ts 3rd. The hard fact is the 360 has stolen over half the Playstation install base and carved a permanent spot in the console arena dethroning the once mighty king of consoles. Sony has had to play catch up this entire gen with games, sales, and online and they are still behind.


gamer20103197d ago

If I am not mistaken the 360 outsold the PS3 in November and December combined. It also outsold the PS3 for the year. The PS3 with all it had going for it--the redesign, the amazing bundles, the strong game lineup, and a major price drop--only managed to just squeak by the 360 in sales for December.

I know this doesn't include some of the other large markets, but how can people try and paint this as a failure for the 360 and a massive success for the PS3? I'm not saying the PS3 did bad, but it didn't have near the astronomical sales that PS3 fanboys were predicting for it.

If this is as good as it was able to do even with all it had going for it, all I am saying is that it will be very difficult for the PS3 to catch the 360 at this rate. Furthermore, I don't know how they can increase the rate, since they have already used all their biggest cards. To make matters worse, the 360 has an amazing year ahead of it, which is likely to make catching up even more difficult.

jessupj3197d ago

FFS people America is not the f*cking world!!! PS3 greatly outsold the 360 world wide. If you wanna talk just about America then say you're talking about America instead of acting like you're talking about the world.

The Lazy One3197d ago

That's pretty ironic. Reasons above point out why.

morganfell3196d ago

That jessupj is an absolute fact. I think some people live back in the hills of West Virginia where they have to pipe in the sunlight.

It is the world that matters. And the US is only a part of that. And as I said the 360 edging out of the PS3 in US sales is completely gone when Japan is added to the US totals. The PS3 completely leaves the 360 behind.

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Silly gameAr3197d ago

Microsoft REALLY want the third party approval.

seifer0853197d ago

read my mind

NA=/=World where PS3 won.

Well Nintendo but let's stay on the hd consoles.

beans3197d ago

If the PS3 were beating 360 so bad around the world then please explain why there's a 5-8 million 360console lead? DO you have any links that show PS3 well ahead world wide? I'm just curious where these numbers are coming from.

silvacrest3197d ago

its just assumed because of the US and japan alone

there is no NPD equivilent for the whole of europe, MOST assume PS3 own europe apart from the UK

i agree with this because the rare times somebody post numbers from france, italy, spain germany etc it is dominated by wii and PS3

Troll_Police3197d ago

Because M$ had a 1 year head start.

Motion3197d ago

oh beans...its pretty obvious why 360 has a lead - because it was out a year earlier. But the ps3 has been outselling it globally, closing the gap.

TheTeam063197d ago


The 360 was launched in November 2005. By the time the PS3 launched in November 2006, the 360 sold close to 6 million units.

There's your explanation. Don't believe me?

JBaby3433197d ago

A year head start in the US and a year and some change in Europe. I'd also like to know how many people have bought more than one 360 due to technical issues and bans. Is that good enough for your fanboy mind or do we need to keep going?

ActionBastard3197d ago

You still there buddy? Can't find a wiki?

beans3197d ago

Ok guys let's try it again. I don't think any of you caught what I was trying to say. Now if the PS3 were only 6 million behind when the 360 launched then why (once again) is 360 still ahead by the same amount or more? Where is this gap being filled at other than Japan which obviously isn't enough? If 360 were being crushed worldwide I would assume they be in 3rd place by now, but that's not the case is it? Both consoles are pretty much moving at the same pace this gen. Really the only difference is 360 sales more software and accessories while PS3 sales more consoles when you combine psp and ps2 in the mix.

TheTeam063197d ago

Did you not notice that the PS3 just started selling well 3-4 months ago? Before then, the gap between the two would always fluctuate between larger and smaller. If you look at the numbers, the 360 was drifting away from PS3 for more than half of 2009... until September when the price drop and Slim were in full affect.

nnotdead3197d ago

6million when PS3 was released in US and Japan to limited numbers. the 360 had a free holiday to sell again. the PS3 didnt come to Europe til March. since that March date the PS3 as sold better then the 360.

gamer20103197d ago

But the point still stands that the 360 was 6 million ahead when the PS3 launched and it is still more than 6 million consoles ahead. Microsoft recently announced that the 360 had surpassed the 39 million mark, while most estimates put the PS3 at around 32 or 33 million. That would give the 360 a 6 or 7 million console lead.

So, the lead has not shrunk. This means that the 360 and PS3 have been selling at almost exactly the same rate.

Nevertheless, the 360 still has a multi-million console lead and the PS3 is going to have to start outselling it by a couple million a year if it is going to have any chance of catching up any time soon.

Cyrax_873197d ago

I highly doubt that. If Microsoft sold 39 million consoles then they would've just said "39 million consoles sold", just like how Sony always says sold. But they said "39 million consoles around the world", for all we know, there's probably 3 million 360s sitting around in warehouses.

You can barely understand what MS says these days, they're always spinning.

Carl14123197d ago


it is generally accepted that PS3 beat 360 worldwide going by NPD + Media Create.

See, 360 outsold the PS3 in the US by roughly 400,000 units. Okay, fine. PS3 outsold the 360 in Japan by over one million units; putting the PS3 ahead by 600,000 units or there abouts.

Now, unless the 360 outsold the PS3 by more than 600,000 units across Europe, which i find hard to believe considering the continent's traditional "Sony love", then the PS3 outsold the 360 worldwide. Maybe not "crushed it" though.

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