Off the Grid: Final Fantasy X-2

DualShockers writes: "Off the Grid is a column that discusses games that were great, but didn't fare well in some respect, whether financially, popularly or in another way. The games discussed could be 20 years old or two months old. This week the general player reaction to Final Fantasy X-2 is examined."

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JoelT3226d ago

of spiky blonde haired heroes, this will not go to well.

Reibooi3225d ago

If you are a fan of the series you should play this game.

The simple fact is the first few hours of the game are very off putting to people who were playing it as a sequel to FFX. It didn't really seem like a sequel so much as it was a spin off. Not to mention the whole Charles Angles kinda feel to it.

However once you get to a certain point in the game it pretty much ditches that side of the game and turns into a worthy sequel to 10. The issue is that the vast majority of people who played the game never made it that far. Stopped playing and then spread the word that the game sucked despite the fact that it didn't.

From a purely game play stand point it's also one of the better FF's out there. It's battle system was quite dynamic with characters and enemies slowly being moved out of place and if you used it correct you could stop enemies from attack if you chained attacks well enough.

Point is not enough people gave X-2 a chance and had they done so they would have most likely liked what they played.

Ninji3226d ago

of well written articles, this will not go "too" well.

tehk1w13225d ago

C'mon. This is Dual Shockers. When has terrible writing ever stopped them?

iiprotocolii3226d ago

The first FFX had me crying like a little baby at the end. All I kept on saying to myself was, "Poor Tidus... poor bastard, man!" while whimpering on my pillow while screaming in it so no one can hear the sounds of sadness. FFX-2 wasn't as *great*; but it was good enough to play through and see that both Yuna's fine ass and Tidus hook up once again.

execution173226d ago

lol i was MOAR i want MOAR!!!, then i started over and maxed out every possible stat everyone could get then got defeated by my aeons in the end lol

Umbrella Corp3225d ago

FFX2 completely ruined everything,the original was a masterpiece because of his final sacrifice for her love

Then she just revives him and completely f!cked everything up.
But overall i brought it played it and was entertained.Damn Riku is sexy :)

AzarVC3226d ago

I'm not gonna lie, I own this game...but due to how poorly my friends viewed it, I didn't even bother to play it. Maybe I'll have to roll it...

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The story is too old to be commented.