NPD Year End Results: PS3 Sales In 2009

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

The December NPD sales has just been revealed. Since December is the last month needed to do a proper year-to-date tabulation, we're finally able to see how the PS3 performed in North America for the entire year of 2009.

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doctorstrange3290d ago

That's a hella ton of PS3's

gaffyh3290d ago

I'm kinda surprised that 360 only managed to outsell the PS3 by a few 100k units, even though from January-September it was $200 cheaper.

And before anyone says this is a fanboy comment, I'm being serious, I honestly expected 360 to have sold more in the year, especially in America.

evrfighter3290d ago

actually im surprised 360 managed to sell that well at all. It was a horrible year game wise as most of it's good games were multi-plats.

To still beat the ps3...That's impressive.

The Killer3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

while ps3 sold a million more in japan alone and 1.5 million more in PAL!!

360 is losing steam very fast, the only think kept the 360 this long is ps3 high price point!

Bricks3290d ago

All systems performed well and I'm extremely happy with all my systems. The PS3 gave me a great year of exclusives, while my 360 gave me some great arcade titles and multiplayer. And the Wii... well, it's a very nice looking console.

Good job Nintendo, Sony,and Microsoft. Keep up the good work and keep it competitive.

beans3290d ago

For not having to many big exclusives (if any at all)360 did extremely well. Times have definitely changed as seen with Nintendo.

DaTruth3290d ago

Good job Sev; Only posting this in the PS3 section so we don't get that stupid fanboy battle!

They really should have separate comment sections for every article depending on where you access from!

snipermk03290d ago

If the PS3 is trailing just by 400K units in the US, 1.5 million units in Japan and equal in Europe, HOW THE HELL DID MICROSOFT ANNOUNCE THEY REACHED THE 39 MILLION CONSOLES MARK??????????

dragunrising3290d ago

Just think if those 10 million new Wii owners purchased a "next gen" console instead. Its sort of irritating that the mainstream population seems to be passing on the Xbox 360/PS3 for a sub-HD gimmick. I hope that once the next generation arrives, all of those new Wii owners today choose something other than Nintendo...

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Sev3290d ago

So NPD doesn't include what retailers? Or is that just a rumor?

DrRobotnik3290d ago

They only include major retailers.

-EvoAnubis-3290d ago

I know for a fact it doesn't include Wal-Mart, as they don't report to the NPD. Past that, I have no idea.

LordMarius3290d ago

For Wal-Mart and Amazon they do estimates

Sev3290d ago

I was being told Amazon and Walmart.

-EvoAnubis-3290d ago

Amazon isn't a partner either. Here's the list:

Sev3290d ago

@ Evo, thanks for that link. How is it going at Examiner?

-EvoAnubis-3290d ago

So far, so good. I'm so damn busy at the job I have little time to write anymore, but it great for extra money when I can. I work for AT&T in the sales dept. now, so the majority of my time goes to researching things that are going to increase my commission checks. LOL! Hopefully I'll have enough paper soon to get my investment career back on track.

Been keeping an eye on you guys though via Google Reader; even mentioned the site on the PopCast last week. You guys are kicking ass, and great job on the Xbox site!

Weird...Amazon actually IS on this list. That's new.

TheTeam063290d ago

They have to get Amazon and Wal-Mart on board! Those are big American retailers.

castags3290d ago

AT&T is the devil and Satan now owns your soul (charging text fee to send help to Haiti!). Did the PS3 beat the crap outta xbox360 world wide? I just bought a slim to GO WITH my 60gig, not cause my 60gig broke.

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NateNater3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

*Looks at Wii sales in December...jaw drops*

Great all around numbers for all consoles.

PS3 outsold 360 in Sept, Oct, and Dec.
And in Sept, PS3 outsells 360 and Wii!
Nice job Sony!

Bathyj3290d ago

Ha, I already posted these in the other thread.

I dont think they report Sam's Club either, whatever that is.

Now, to those that say Japan doesnt matter, how million lead did PS3 have this year? Enough to wipout the USA defecit I'm sure.

Now who won Europe?

NateNater3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Sam's Club is like Costco. It's one of those big warehouse stores that sells everything in bulk. And I believe Sam's Club is a division of Walmart.

seifer0853290d ago

on a podcast NPD's are about 30% lower then actual numbers so there's a lot of consoles around. I'm happy to see the slim pick up the pace in the US. Worldwide Sony has been great this year but Nintendo is truly unreachable this gen.

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