Uncharted 2 PS3 sells 1M units in the U.S.

Sony Corp. this week said the title Uncharted 2: Among Thieves for the Playstation 3 has sold 1 million units at U.S. retail to date according to internal figures.

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PirateThom3294d ago

This is better news than console sales, I hope more people buy this.

Dutch Boogie3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Yep! and since ND said they have exceeded their target sales numbers for UC2, that means UC3 is a given. Not to mention the ps3's install base will be twice as big by then so more people will buy UC3 thus resulting in more games. It's like a never ending cycle. Frankly i wouldn't mind since it's Uncharted franchise we are talking about.

evrfighter3294d ago

just barely broke 1mil in the US? wow weren't there another 1.3 million ps3's sold in the US last month?

What the heck are PS owners buying if they can't be bothered to buy the GOTY?

Saaking3294d ago

Great Sales and Amazing quality.

rockleex3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Most likely Modern Warfare 2. People have different tastes. Uncharted doesn't cater to an audience as big as Modern Warfare 2. But Gran Turismo does. ^_~

Also take note that this is only the US, where there are more than double the amount of 360s than PS3s.

Sales =/= quality
Quality =/= sales


evrfighter = trolling PS3 news 24/7

evrfighter3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Just making my daily rounds. But I'm not as bad as some ps3 fanboy extremists here where the top 10 comments of a 360 article is ps3 fanboy's on damage control.

sikbeta3294d ago

Great numbers, more people really need to buy this Awesome GOTY09 Game

rroded3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

best 3rd person action game ever online on a free network so lets go already i want some noobs ta pound. XD

TotalPS3Fanboy3293d ago

Too many great PS3 games!!!

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yoghurt3294d ago

yer c'mon, best console game ever! your ps3 deserves to feel this game inside it! (sounds wrong....)

NateNater3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Yea, its fun to hear my PS3 growl when I put Uncharted 2 in it ;)

Edit: And the disagree fairy has arrived haha

APOFISBORICUA3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

...Sony and its hardworked developers are bringing us the best franchises and games posible this generation and yet we PS3 fans pay them buying Modern Warfare 2 like crazy and forgeting the GAME OF THE YEAR. This game deserves more. Half of what MW2 has sold amongst PS3 gamers would be more respectfull to this game. Again this industry has fall to the popularyty instead of the quality. I like that even most of the PS3 fans posting here havent even bougth the game, a shame beacuse they use it to defend the PS3 against anything and yet they even havent played it. ITS A SHAME FOR ME AS AN OLD GAMER. The same FPS with nothing of originality besides the campfest and the number 30th plumber game sold like crazy and yet this the GOTY only manages to sold 1 million after months of its release. Same happened with KILLZONE 2. If I were Sony I would be really mad because they are trying their best to keep this industry fresh and dont tried to explote the consummer with more of the same like MS and NINTENDO and look what they got.


RH063294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I'm one of those million...And I feel good to have experienced a new Legend!...Oh ya ND wheres #3

[email protected] above...I just started MW2...Thrilling but ugly! Uh huh you heard me!

Elven63294d ago

One of the best games this generation deserves great sales to compliment it.

DragonPrince3294d ago

UC2 would have sold 15+ mil lifetime along with MGS4, etc.

I just don't get it.

swiftshot933294d ago

This press release is interesting, they seem very serious about 3D and it looks like they will market it as a selling point along the motion controller. No doubt they also have system sellers between God of War 3, GT5, and if Agent comes out this year, that will be big.

Also, congrats to Uncharted 2, thats my favorite game this generation!

tripewire3294d ago

Full 1:1 3d motion tracking combined with full 3D gaming is going to lead us somewhere special.

Personally Id like a 3D XMB. Might have to wait until next then for that though :(