Lunar Silver Star Harmony Demo Coming on US PlayStation Store Today

If you've been eager to try out Lunar: Silver Star Harmony for the PSP, you might want to download the demo as soon as it is available on the PlayStation Store.

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ScubaSteve13201d ago

god bless it, idk where i put my psp. gotta find my psp b4 this game comes out

Bonsai12143201d ago

an excellent game. i the story is where this game shines. it puts it in an elite group of ridiculously good stories that lock you in emotionally.

that, and the battle system scales enemies to your main character, so you can't grind your way to easiness in this game.

meatnormous3201d ago

I owned a sega cd for the lunar series alone. If you want to own this great game, buy it asap. Lunar remakes do not sit on shelves for long. Just look on ebay how much the lunar series is for the ps1.

2FootYard3201d ago

That's one hell of a title.

MightyMark4273201d ago

indeed. Can't wait for it!

Hisiru3201d ago

I tried to play Lunar on my ps1 and I hated this game. Yes, this is a good game but it's just not for me.

alicialovesgaming3201d ago

just your typical Japanese RPG. Gotta love those... right? :D

SaiyanFury3201d ago

While I have a SEGA CD from my younger days, I never had the Lunar games. I didn't play them until they were remade on the original PS. I loved them both. Great storylines and great characters, and you had to love Working Designs spin on the conversations with injections of modern North American pop culture. If Harmony is any good I'll happily get it for my PSP.

Arnon3201d ago

Still one of my favorite games of all time alongside Majora's Mask. Day one purchase.

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