30° Reviews: Red War The Free MMO

Red War is a free downloadable fantasy-based MMORPG. Along with all the usual fantasy-type gaming features it offers the unique features of players participating in the 'Red War' and 'Monster Race' as well as cloning your character.
The graphics in this game are of good quality, but they are not top of the range. The classes look nothing like the images advertising them, and, in my opinion, when in-game, it's difficult to tell the classes apart.

The maps are very basic, and the characters themselves are not very detailed. One of the most visually annoying things in the game are the NPC players in the towns. All of the NPCs are huge in comparison to the playable characters. And on top of this they are also bathed in a glowing light. I know that these features are there to help everyone locate the NPCs but it actually makes the game look immature, as though it's aimed towards a younger audience.

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That is a really well done review. Thank you!

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"Free MMO" is really all I need to hear. :P

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