Source: Max Payne 3 development allegedly also suffering from mismanagement

Joystiq: "As the week goes on, more and more current and former Rockstar Games employees have come forward to us (and other outlets) with information corroborating the repeated allegations of substandard working conditions at the developer's various studios. Today, however, we received news from a former Rockstar Vancouver employee regarding the status of "late 2010" title Max Payne 3 -- a title currently in development at the Canadian dev house."

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DelbertGrady3200d ago

Don't like this at all. Would hurt me to see such a loved franchise get treated to a rush job.

DaTruth3200d ago

After falling of those stupid blood trails a million times and listening to that damned baby crying; Me and Max Payne were done!

And it's rare that I buy a game and don't bother finishing it!

OGharryjoysticks3200d ago

Another Source: Rockstar will have 3 games ready for Natal launch guys, how long before we start getting these articles?

ghost043200d ago

Im sensing a delay is coming since that seems the be the cool thing to do nowadays. Rockstar has good games, the demand is'd think they would hire more people...i mean who wouldn't want to work for rockstar

3200d ago
Excalibur3200d ago

I never had any confidence that MP3 would be worth a crap as too much of the original formula has been changed.

Second, to the folks a Rockstar games, F-ing boo hoo, welcome to the wonderful world of employment.
You will always have stupid management and unbearable deadlines, deal with it, be happy you still make great money and have a job. ;)

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