PCFormat: The not review of Global Agenda

PCFormat has been playing the beta of Global Agenda an online shooter from Hi-Rez Studios and has posted some impressions before it's release on 1st February:
"To me Global Agenda is a gloopy homogenised mixture made up of Tribes jet-packing action, Team Fortress 2's class dynamics, Guild Wars' hub and instancing tech, all slapped in a vague MMORPG mould and spray-painted with lashings of Halo-cum-Tabula Rasa art. Quite an odd Frankenstein then, but the intriguing thing is that, in the most part, this freakish hybrid child of Erez Goren (Lead Design and millionaire coder owner of Hi-Rez) actually works."

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Myst3201d ago

Hmm, pretty interesting and just caught wind of this game today ( I know, I know late and all ) just saw a video actually and made me decide to look into it. One time fee looks pretty interesting and when bored at a college campus ( like now ) I could play I suppose. Though it's release date poses a big problem for me...

3200d ago