Nintendo On Netflix: Lack of HD is "No Loss" for Wii Consumer

Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime, downplayed the Wii's lack of support for HD content on its upcoming Netflix streaming service, set to launch this Spring. Fils-Aime believes Wii owners aren't missing much, due to the fact that the majority of Netflix content is not available in HD.

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IanCube3202d ago

I know he says there isn't much HD content, but I wish Reed would have said how much there actually is on Netflix, or how much 360 or PS3 owners use it.

I'd stream HD on my Wii...if it was able to.

ScottBarkman3202d ago

I wouldn't. I would be the quality would suck. Not to dis the wii, but it wasn't meant for HD by any means.

IanCube3202d ago

Well I guess I meant I would IF it were capable. Reggie makes it sound like anyone who has a Wii bought it because they HATE HD.

darthv723202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

You figure it will look about the same as any regular cable channel (non hd of course). Watching the office on the ps3/360 in hd looks as good as watching the hd feed on NBC.

Watching it on the wii will look like the feed on TBS (non hd). It is still the office.

Gosh, I love that show. Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica...classic.

I almost forgot. Most dont even have the wii on the internet so they need to get to doing that first. I can see a surge in wifi routers/nintendo wifi adapters. That or more usb ethernet adapters.

indiemike3202d ago

That's a really, really good point. If everyone knows they can watch Netflix on the Wii, then some of the people that haven't gone online with it yet will make more of an effort to.

Plus, The Office is awesome. If you like that show, you'd probably like Modern Family too.

mikeslemonade3202d ago

I don't think the Wii "consumer" is a person who does anything but games on the Wii. Most Wii consumers don't play the Wii that much or at all. And also out of all Netflix boxes the Wii is the worst one.

JsonHenry3202d ago

There is a LOT of HD streaming content on Netflix. Oh well, anyone that takes HD serious has something better than the Wii to stream with anyway.

UnwanteDreamz3202d ago

What should we expect them to say? "Oh sorry guys we know we f*cked up not making the Wii HD"

They are the leader in the market and they did it without HD. I'm surprised they aren't dancing on piles of cash chanting "na na boo boo"

webeblazing3202d ago

i could see how this could be useful 2 some but wat i dont see is y is the wii $200

Government Cheese3202d ago

My internet connection is decent at best, so anything that I stream is sub-hd anyways.

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indiemike3202d ago

In the article, Reggie says this:

"But even more importantly than that, the consumer has voted. Over 26 million consumers have bought a Wii. so the consumer is saying for them, the quality of the visual is not nearly as important as the overall entertainment, the overall value of that experience, and that's really what's propelled us."

I don't like that the NOA president is now drawing those same conclusions. I think some Wii gamers really DO enjoy high quality visuals. Sure, most of them own multiple platforms for the HD experience (like myself), but games like Muramasa prove that it isn't all about HD, but about how stylized they are.

IanCube3202d ago

Yeah I agree, I think its crazy to say that because you bought a Wii, you were "voting" that "the quality of the visual is not nearly as important as the overall entertainment".

aepex3202d ago

I didn't buy a Wii because I support standard-definition graphics. If I had the choice, I would have happily chosen a Nintendo console with HD graphics over one that didn't, even if it cost more. Graphics aren't the sole deciding factor for most gamers, but it sure is a part of it.

Pennywise3202d ago

I hate Nin's stance on HD.

IanCube3202d ago

Think it'll change anytime soon? They don't even seem to embrace it at times really, he could have just said "we understand some users want that, but the majority don't" or something?

indiemike3202d ago

Two things:

1. Me too. I think they underestimate the importance of visuals in gaming. However, I DO like the ways they innovate in their games as well.

2. Pennywise was one of my first concerts. Nice!

Mista T3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

meh wii fanboys don't care, evidence of the ones on n4g.they'll see a movie 50 x 50 pixels if they could!

IanCube3202d ago

I care! Seriously I know my mom even appreciates HD once she actually sees it.

Just IMAGINE if a company released a family-friendly console WITH HD to compete with Wii, I bet it would crush Wii.

indiemike3202d ago

You think 50 million Wii owners don't care about Netflix or HD? That's a pretty broad brush you're painting with.

I think the people on N4G are a pretty small population of a niche market. Not enough to base any conclusions on. Especially any fanboys you encounter, they aren't nearly representative of the whole population of Wii owners.

Mista T3202d ago

that's the thing about fanboys, they get poo on a plater and they still eat it up regardless

I appreciate the WII, xbox, and PS3 and they all have there flaws

one of the flaws for the wii is no hd, but wii fanboys act like it's no big deal

and for the normal people and gamers like me would wish the wii would be better quality but really just want to have fun with the wii and it really isn't THAT big of deal.

koehler833202d ago

If you care about HD, I'm sure you already have another HD capable device that streams netflix in HD

indiemike3202d ago

Very true. Which is also why I don't think Netflix on Wii is NECESSARY at all.

However, it could help push along streaming video services if it catches on enough.

Not to mention, couldn't this help Nintendo fully realize, if this is successful, that consumers like game consoles that have more media features than playing games?

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