DLC: New and Semi-Old To Watch Out For

resumeplay writes: "Maybe it's just me, but I love DLC for games. The idea of extra content for my favorite games, new stuff to play, is always good for me. Though DLC can be a bit of a controversial topic in the gaming community, let's just focus on the good aspects of here. Hopefully, you'll find this list handy to keep track of upcoming DLC for your consoles."

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stoppre3296d ago

Mad Moxxi was a HUGE let down for me. Not really fun at all.

brandynevils3296d ago

I could use some more Left 4 Dead 2

mau643296d ago

I still need to play that game, people have me convinced that I need to check it out even though I didn't care too much for the first one.

CheatsMcGee3296d ago

Really? I like Mad Moxxi, I just wish I had some people to play it with. Gotta wait till the ol' 360 gets repaired though.

mau643296d ago

I can't wait to get Dragon Age for the Mac

bjornbear3296d ago

traded it w/ a friend for another game, and damn! =D I love it

OK its not the same as on the PC fine, but still i think its fantastic, and i'll def be picking up the expansion =)

fbgamer3296d ago

I'm interested to see what kind of DLC we can see for Assassin's Creed 2. Should be good stuff...and I still need to pick up Borderlands =(

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The story is too old to be commented.