End of Eternity Japanese Demo Impressions

resumeplay writes: "For the first time in what I've been led to believe ever, RPG powerhouse tri-Ace is partnering with someone besides SquareEnix. Yes, that's right, tri-Ace has removed itself from the safe and supple nipples of Square and latched itself onto SEGA's increasingly good selection of games with their new RPG, End of Eternity (or Resonance of Fate for us here in North America)."

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CheatsMcGee3201d ago

Hhmmmm interesting. I'll have to give this a go when it comes out.

stoppre3201d ago

yeah...i'll def be checking out this game now!

Baross20253201d ago

I love RPGs and tri-ace has made some of my favorite.

mau643201d ago

Hopefully this will be a good year for RPG's

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