Is The Korean PS3 Launch A Bust?

Today in Korea, the PS3 launches. The country is getting the 80GB version of Sony's new console. There's a big PS3 event in Seoul, complete with a stage show! Customers can pick up their new console and listen to people talk. It's late morning now in Korea, and the PS3 is hours away from launch. Doesn't seem to be much excitement in the air.

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ITR4736d ago

I was just trying to submit this story beat me!
----------------------------- -------------------
Looks bad with mostly empty seats.
No lines, no nothing...

I wonder how the Wii will do in Oct when it releases in Korea....
I hope it has a better turn out then this.

deepujatt20054736d ago

good thing i did it fast or u would have beat me....

TruthHurts4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

just like the rest of you skeptical nerds.



Come on. your serious.
you forgot,
wait for your 360 to be repaired.
wait for it to cool down.
wait for HDMI.
wait for an actual "next gen" HALO.
wait for the first version of the xbox to have games.
wait for rare to deliver.
wait for the ps3 to get thru its 1st year.
wait before you speak.

Xi4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

it was wait till launch
then wait till euro launch
then wait till motorstorm
then wait till home
then wait till e3 and wait till ff13 and MGS4.

Then I'll just keep waiting to buy my ps3.

kewlkat0074736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

Korea is Online PC Gaming first, then Consoles. If their censorship wasn't too harsh, they would be a great region that supports multiple gaming gneres. I hear some games over there are banned. They love their MMO and FPS's though. Given their Bandwith Access which crushes America and other places, I wouldn't doubt it. If anything, that's great news for MS, I know they are not using Linux of Macs to game. I thought PS3 was already out everywhere anyhow.

ITR4736d ago

Wii releases in Korea in Oct of this yr.

bootsielon4736d ago

Neither were there on england and Australia, and they were the fastest selling product ever in Europe, for the launch timeframe. The thing is, people that wait for consoles are hardcore gamers. The reason they do so is because they know about short supplies. But right now, people know that PS3 is NOT in short supply, so hardcore gamers don't need to camp anymore. Nice Spin, Xbots.

Xi4736d ago

but there was no supply constrain, but now the ps3 is being out sold by the 360.

Uganda644736d ago

PS3 is outselling 360 in Europe easily. 360 is ONLY and I repeat ONLY doing decently in the USA. (PS3 is doing half as good, so terrible in USA, I'll admit it) 360's doing mediocre in the UK and ATROCIOUS everywhere else you care to look.

Also, great Bloodmask ownage everyone. I'm glad everyone's calling these trolls on their crap.

Xeoset4735d ago

Go look at the European NPD numbers you tool.

The Xbox 360 is outselling the PS3 Everywhere 2:1.

Except Japan, where the PS3 can manage an extra 5,000 on the Xbox 360. 8,000 Consoles overall isn't something to boast about when it's your home turf though.

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The story is too old to be commented.