New GamePro: Medal of Honor on cover

The new issue of GamePro will be winging its way to subscribers this week with Medal of Honor, Final Fantasy XIII, Mafia 2, and much more inside.

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dgroundwater3296d ago

I don't like this hick looking dude MOH is using as their poster boy. He would be fine as an ingame ally but he looks awfully GI Joeish. Not very believable imo.

EvilCackle3296d ago

I would've thought GI Joe would signify a more clean cut look. Also, the look of this "hick looking dude" was based on a real soldier from Afghanistan:

dgroundwater3295d ago

Oh wow I had no idea lol. My GI joe comment made no sense I admit that.

Still this guy looks like a hick. He contributes to the stereotype of "redneck" people flying across the world to shoot terrorists etc. Maybe I'm just being too PC about it but does he have to be on the cover?

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