Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY edition outed by BBFC listing

Joystiq writes: "A BBFC classification for a "Game of the Year" edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum has popped up online, causing quite a stir here at Joystiq HQ. While we all agree that Batman was "a game of the year," the listing offers no clues as to what would be included in a GOTY package. So, allow us to activate detective mode:"

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Pennywise3203d ago

Did Batman win GOTY somewhere?

Pennywise3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

double post. sorry.

Pennywise3203d ago


A whole version of Batman released because of Yahtzee?

hay3203d ago

I skipped the game when it came out, this time I'l' definitely get it once it hits the shelves.

multipayer3203d ago

I think GOTY edition is just the new name for budget game, at least I'd be surprised if it cost $60 with Batman 2 coming out later this year... I'll wait for the trilogy..

Bathyj3203d ago

I would have liked Batman a lots more if the action and stealth sections werent separate. Id prefer to enter an area and decide for yourself how to tackle it.

The game was lots of fun, I think its the best Batman anything, ever, but once I'd finished it, I had no desire to go back to it. Gotta love EB's 7 day return.

An excellent rental I think.

tripewire3203d ago

Thats a pretty good point man. I also loved AA but haven't touched it since i completed it in two sittings.

Im off "sick" today so i might go trade some games in.

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LtSkittles3203d ago

Glad that other people can get the dlc, it adds more replay value t it.

MajestieBeast3203d ago

To many game of the year editions. There is really only 1 goty Uncharted 2. I love batman aa but its nowhere close to goty.

darthv723203d ago

it will be the game with the joker and extra challenge dlc all on one disc for 360 and ps3?

Yeah I know the joker is "exclusive" to the ps3. Like darth vader was to ps3 soul calibur and look how that turned out.

Same for bad.

dorron3203d ago

I'm so glad I didn't get it at the time being released. I'll get it now with all the DLCs included.

I'm thinking of doing the same with every single game: get them later and buy GOTY editions cheaper.

Bathyj3203d ago

I'm only kidding of course, but its true, I wouldnt wait on a game I wanted right away on the chance it might get a GotY edition at the begining of the next year.

Hell, most games I wont even get it on eBay cos I wont wait 2 weeks if I want it now.

Besides, isnt it better playing a game when the buss is high and everyone talking about it?
I'm not an online gamer but I thought that would be especially true for them.

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The story is too old to be commented.