GameZone: Mercenary Wars' Michael Min Interview

Free-to-play video games are all the rage these days, but none of them have been able to make a significant impact with gamers expecting a 60-dollar shooter experience. Could that change with Mercenary Wars, a new free-to-play shooter from Uforia? Time will tell. But as the developers continue to make refinements to the game, which is currently in open beta, they are dedicated to expanding Mercenary Wars as much as possible.

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athmaus3251d ago

never heard of this game before...sounds like it has potential

Nakerman3251d ago

It's odd that I don't play any free games, the tag seems to put me off.

TheIneffableBob3251d ago

A lot of them are actually very good.

Caspel3251d ago

I have yet to play a free-to-play game in the new decade... lol I don't think I will be playing many to be honest.


some free games are great. this one looks pretty cool. and you can try them out. for free!

trig4563251d ago

it looks good but it seems like there are so many fps games out there already...

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