IGDA Responds to 'Rockstar Spouse' Letter

The International Game Developers Association has spoken out in response to accusations published this week from an aggrieved group claiming to be the wives of Rockstar San Diego employees.

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Cheboury3197d ago

What is the most upsetting is that in the end it's the publisher whom gets their wallet fat and not the devs! There's no way that any publisher puts in the same amount of time into a game than the Devs. And yet....

ThanatosDMC3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

I didnt disagree with you but the publishers are the ones the pay those devs and usually lose millions. They're just investing money. It sucks for publishers when they pay for a game that doesnt deliver on its promise and lose millions of dollars just like Haze for example which was an ok game but did not deliver on its promise to gamers.

But 12 hour shifts are terrible if they're not getting paid properly but if its the employees that want to work longer hours for higher pay then there's no problem. The article itself is one sided and it's the spouses and not the actual employees opinion.

3196d ago