Rumor Killers: Sonic Adventure for XBLA, New 360 JRPG, New Lionhead Game

Jennifer Allen of TheGameReviews gives her verdict on whether Sonic Adventure is coming out on XBLA, the latest rumors regards a new JRPG for the Xbox 360, and the latest developments at Lionhead Studios.

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cain1413290d ago

I can't wait to see something new from lionhead...

Haly3290d ago

Really hope Sonic Adventure makes its way to XBLA. I never got the chance to play it much on the Dreamcast unfortunately :(

shoinan3290d ago

To take the taste of all those bad ones out of my mouth. Recent vintages of Sonic taste gross.

Ixon3290d ago

Y'know, for as much as you fine people seem to like the Dreamcast, I still don't see that many redeeming qualities. And I was a Genesis guy.

SlamVanderhuge3290d ago

then you, sir, have no soul

maniacmayhem3290d ago

It was all about the Super Nintendo back in the great 16 bit war.

But the Dreamcast came later during Nintendo's troubled N64 period.

maniacmayhem3290d ago

I'm dying for a good solid RPG, the only good RPG I've played this "gen" has been Tales of Vesperia.

DocHoliday3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

sorry guys i felt like i had to get out of my system. I just completed that game for the 100th time. Back on topic, I do believe they need to make a sonic adventures 3 and it should be multiplat for every system. Including PC. Sonic adventures 1 and 2 where the greatest 3d sonic games ever made.

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The story is too old to be commented.