Assassin's Creed 3 to star Ezio

Ubisoft's new Assassin's Creed game will again star Italian hero Ezio, Ubisoft has confirmed - and will be created by the same studios behind AC2.

The publisher today revealed that the story of the game will be a "follow-up" to AC2.

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Blasphemy3202d ago

That sucks. I liked Altair better but I know he was in the past.

A Cupcake for Gabe3202d ago

I like Ezio better, but honestly I thought they would just release Sequences 12 and 13 as DLC, and AC3 would be focused on Desmond in the real world. I loved AC2, probably my #2 sandbox game this gen(A+ Game), but I really don't want them to rehash the world. Pick Spain, France, Colonial America, someplace new and original.

beardpapa3202d ago

That's odd. The ending for AC2 made it seem like it would be Desmond's turn next to do the assassin skills he acquired thru animus. Afterall, after you uncover the secret and view the ending, it seemed like Ezio's journey was at an end.

joydestroy3202d ago

yeah i thought it would be Desmond as well because of the ending. weird.

Eamon3202d ago

Altair had his story after aquiring the piece of eden.
So I guess now it's Ezio's turn. And it will probably be on console because it will gain a lot more sales then.

DatNJDom813202d ago

I was hoping to finally play as Desmond. The way AC2 ended it seemed that Desmond was ready to go. I mean he even got Altair's hidden blade. I was ready to put that into Abstergo's a$$. Aww well lets not doubt the team. They did make a great game and I'm sure they will come through again.

AliTheBrit193202d ago

Guys dont take this as confirmation

I'm sure earlier I read that it is NOT a sequel.. so it wont be AC3

Seriously I'm 99% sure..

chaosatom3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

If I hadn't finished AC2 yesterday, I would have been SOO MAD!!

But I wanted more from the ending :(

It didn't wrap anything up, lol.

hay3202d ago

I think Assassin's Creed Episodes will star Ezio, but AC3 will be different project.

Bnet3433202d ago

Ezio + Altair = Online Co-op?

Sub4Dis3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

I think they should stop making AC while they're ahead. the last one was fantastic and trumped nearly every complaint about the first one. So leave the series alone now and let us remember it for what it is. Not every game needs a dozen sequels, and often incorporating more titles in the series really just ends up diluting the quality of the series as a whole.

DragonPrince3202d ago

I loved AC2 and I think there's still more to explore in Ezio's story. Didn't really get to explore Rome, and the rest of Italy was perfect for an Assassin.

I prefer they don't jump too far into the future too fast, if they go present day only, where are they gonna go next? AC4:Modern Assassin? Ergh!

ThanatosDMC3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

I really was hoping for a modern assassin especially with guns involved to make Desmond an even better assassin for whatever it is he'll be doing to stop 2012 apocalypse from happening. I know, i couldnt stop laughing either when they talked about it in the game!

@ Kigmal

Co-op would be so awesome but i doubt it'll be possible. They might downgrade some stuff? I really wish there was a lot less hiding spots like whores and more soldiers in AC2.

@ ^

Fans want to modernize it fast and change characters since they said a long time ago that Assassin's Creed was to be a trilogy. So it'd be great to have a different perspective other than Ezio after all that weird lady just told him he's purpose is done. Desmond (Nathan Drake) vs modern enemies... wait... is AC3 actually Uncharted 2 or Uncharted 3!!!???

beardpapa3202d ago


lol sorry about that but I thought it was kinda expected given the beginning of AC2 and how they had a "oh we gotta hurry before we get caught" kinda theme goin. =)

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XiaoSet3202d ago

Seriously? I would have thought it would be someone new :(

LarVanian3202d ago

As long as it's set in a different country I don't mind. I quite liked Ezio, he had a lot of emotion and was a deep character. Altair was too much of a lifeless robot that had no substance. Really looking forward to Assassins creed 3. Uncharted 3 will probably come out around the same time too.

ThanatosDMC3202d ago

It's because they focused more on the engine and gameplay than the actual story in the first AC. Altair is the only one who was able to stand up against a Piece of Eden without anything unlike Ezio who got pwned with one while he himself had one.

AC2 talked at length about Altair's past and the stuff he did and the stuff he learned using the Piece of Eden which is what made the hidden blades upgrades possible.

I dont see anything wrong with using Altair as he was being portrayed as some sort of godly assassin in AC2. Though he does make a baby with a templar woman... that was confusing.

monkey6023202d ago

They should change the character. Move onto another time period like the jump between AC1 & 2.

Redempteur3202d ago

i agree ... part of the AC series was to make us visit different périods ..keeping ezio is a shame ...

i think it will be like bloodlines ...

mistajeff3202d ago

I'm gonna wager a guess that this isn't "Assassin's Creed 3." The turnaround just seems way too quick, and the fact that Ezio returns as the main hero makes me feel that this game will be to AC2 what Bloodlines was to AC1, only fully-featured and on HD consoles.

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