Video: Heavy Rain PS3 Investigation Action

Sony Corp.'s U.S. game division this month demonstrated the latest build of the title Heavy Rain for the Playstation 3 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV.

In the new video, a main character is briefed on a crime scene. The user can ask a range of questions from 'Identity' to 'Witnesses' in order to pry further into mystery.

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himdeel3197d ago

...but I'm very intrigued. Heavy Rain, White Knight Chronicles, and GOW3 will probably be the only games I have to get day one.

Remove the subtitles and this game could really draw you in to the story in a major way.

Solans Scott3197d ago

Looks like I have to play this game with a notebook in order to keep track of all the information. Good times ahead.

3196d ago