SimCity Societies preview by IGN with first gameplay video

If you want an uproar, tell SimCity fans that their most cherished series isn't getting the sequel that they expected. When the first details and pictures crept out from Electronic Arts that SimCity would be heading in a new direction and that it would be developed by Tilted Mill and not Maxis, the community's collective head exploded and the Tilted Mill forums were splattered with the angry brain matter.

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Ru4736d ago

Or does this look just like the old arcade version?
Im glad they decided to go with the style but .... Wow this looks bad so far for a next gen game

TnS4735d ago

Sorry, I changed the story from Time Crisis 4 trailer to this. That's why the above comment doesn't makes sense. :)

Mysk4735d ago

Candy cane light posts? Ginger bread houses? Fairy tale castles?

What a bunch of childish tripe. As a fan of SimCity from the beginning I find myself offended by this, whether that makes sense or not.

They can stuff it.