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Mitch Ryan of Nonsense Gamer writes:

"I am predominately a PC gamer. Many people would call me a member of a dying breed because developers and gamers are all migrating towards consoles these days. One of the biggest developers of note is Crytek--originally a PC dedicated team--who no longer makes PC exclusives after their blockbuster Crysis was pirated a shocking number of times. Others will point out Activision/Infinity Ward taking away dedicated servers from Modern Warfare 2 as an example of the shift. I am afraid that my mind has crept into these thoughts as well, however, I no longer have any fear.

PC gaming, though it does not have as many exclusives as before, is not hurting from lack of games (my wallet can vouch for that)."

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matgrowcott3288d ago

Pc gaming will never completely disappear. It appeals to a more dedicated type of gamer with a better grasp on what they want.

Personally, I find it easier just to turn on the PS3 or Xbox.

ZedoMann3288d ago

I agree with you except for the part about PS3 or Xbox. I am loving my PC.

ColdFire3288d ago

[In response to matgrowcoot] I turn on my PC anyway as I have to look at E-Mails, and well, read N4G for starters. Beyond that, I assure you, I can boot a game from Steam way before you find the disc to yours, let alone load it.

While Empire and Sins were hardly sleeper hits, unless you only read OXM I suppose. A real sleeper hit was Shattered Horizon, take a look, great new innovative gameplay, and amusingly most likey best graphics this year, certainly WAY beyond Uncharted 2 or MW2.

There have been far more PC exclusives than console exclusives last year that I would play, and then you have the multi-plat games that are best on PC, L4D2 for example.

Also, everyone can see that PC is no selling in shops, but who cares, I haven't got a PC game from a shop in ages. It's all online or digital these days.

Kainewynd23288d ago


You make a good point re:not purchasing games from a shop. I wonder if a lot of these folks bemoaning the end of PC gaming are taking into account the success of Steam and other digital distribution angles (Digital River, etc).

If they're not, they are missing a huge sales avenue in their calculations...

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webeblazing3288d ago

i feel pc gamer is more dedicated to games more then console gamer is only a few games on console that people is dedicated to on console of the top of my head halo socom gt cod but then its to a extent they dont critisize a thing to make things better pc gamer do they even will try to fix it b4 the dev 4 they community( i know u cant do this on consoles but thats crazy) support mod and dont take stuff up the ___ wouldnt say there a dyin breed i say most older gamer is startin to lose interest tho cuz of the rehash and company rapin and lack of new idea ( and by older gamers i mean gamer that wuz gaming way b4 this gen most of these game aint impressing us besides the graphic that not new)

Kainewynd23288d ago

Don't use punctuation much? :p

If I'm reading that right, you're saying that PC gamers tend to be more dedicated to their games and platform than the typical console gamer. Is that correct?

I think I might actually agree with you (though your writing hurts my head). Back when I was a PC gamer, I used to play through the commercial content and almost immediately move on to user generated content. Many times the user generated stuff was better than the stuff the studios put out (Desert Combat for BF1942 stands out at the moment).

Now I either have to wait for the studio to get more content to me while they develop the "next big thing." It gets a little boring waiting...

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