Split/Second Release Date Revealed

Disney Interactive Studios has today revealed the release date for their forthcoming Racing title, Split/Second. Currently in development at Black Rock Studio, the team behind 2008's well respected PURE, Split/Second will be available on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 simultaneously.

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lelo2play3289d ago

"launch across Europe on March 26th 2010"

WOW... another game for March.

I'm curious about this game.

IaMs123289d ago

Me too, im kinda looking forward to it. Seems to have great potential. More of a sleeper hit.

bruddahmanmatt3289d ago

Agreed on the sleeper hit. As a PS3 owner I can honestly say that GT5 and ModNation Racers are at the top of my list as far as racers for 2010 are concerned. And with Need for Speed still on a "demo first" basis for me ever since Pro-Street, Criterion taking a break from Burnout to help with the latest NFS and nothing being said about a new Midnight Club for 2010, I may end up picking this one up after all.

Blaze9293289d ago

This is the team behind Pure? I was excited until I read that. I'll still probably get this game but MAN Pure's difficulty got hard as HELL in the later races. Was freaking unbelievable.

bruddahmanmatt3289d ago

I should also add that one thing which I find VERY cool about this game, is the Dead Space style heads up display. If you've watched any gameplay videos you'll notice that the HUD is concentrated at the bottom of your vehicle's rear valance and just under the car. In other words, out of the way and not scattered about so that the majority of the screen remains uncluttered. One thing with fast arcade racers is that you want to be able to see as much of what's going on in front of you as possible so that you can react quickly during races. I like this.

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MK_Red3289d ago

Hopefully this game can but this generation's Burnout 3.

3289d ago
red2tango3289d ago

Can't wait for this friggin game

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