Mass Effect 2: Which class will you choose?

GamerZines: In preparation for Mass Effect 2's long awaited release at the end of the month, we take a look at the sequel's different classes and try to decide which one to go for when we finally boot up the game.

Decisions, decisions...

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monkey6023252d ago

Think I'll pick an engineer this time around. I want to use sniper rifles and some powers.

I think the writer is too harsh on the Soldier class. It's tempting to use all the guns and if you still want to use the powers that is what your team are there for

Rockox3252d ago

I was an Adept in ME1 and I was a great shot (along with being good with biotics), don't know what the writer is talking about. For ME2, it'll be a toss-up between Adept and Vanguard.

GameOn3252d ago

I'll be going Engineer also, It was my fave class in the last game. I'm Just a bit unsure on their special power.

monkey6023252d ago

I'm just glad they gave the option to continue game saves but still change class

JasonPC360PS3Wii3252d ago

I have 3 classes maxed out, I wanted to do them all but it's a long game when you're trying to max stats.

JsonHenry3251d ago

I played as a Soldier the first game. I kicked ass. I will be a Soldier again this time around as well.

wildcat3251d ago

I'm with you on that, Soldier all the way. Let your squad mates do all the fancy work!

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Charmers3252d ago

I guess that is the writers view, personally I prefer the soldier class. I have never played with the biotics they do not interest me in the slightest. Some people like me are just not fans of the wishy washy magical powers crap.

But hey it's Mass Effect 2 one of the beautiful things about the game is you play it how you want to play it. There is no right or wrong class, just play the class that gives you the most fun.

monkey6023252d ago

I had that same notion on my first play through too. I'd tried the biotic powers the second time around and had a lot more fun.

mistajeff3252d ago

im gonna keep my classes on my two characters cuz i think they look the coolest in me2 as well, adept and vanguard. but i honestly feel like i could play through the game once for every class, they look so much more diverse this time.

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hakeem09963251d ago

sentinel and vanguard maybe adept later

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The story is too old to be commented.