Yamauchi: GT5 to use "80%" of PS3's power


"Polyphony Digital's Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed in an interview with Venturebeat that Gran Turismo 5 will use "80 percent" of PS3's processing power.

Asked if, compared to Uncharted 2, how much power GT5 will take, Yamauchi replied: "It is about the same for the PS3, about 80 percent of the processing power."

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SasanovaS19873225d ago

well, for a racing game, i doubt full power of the ps3 is needed. for a racing simulator at least, i mean, its not like they need to utilize all the processors to run bullets, explosions, collapses of environment and all that bull, its a racing sim, and ps3 is doing what NEEDS to be done. and thats to run the game beautifully in 1080p and 60 frames

Bungie3225d ago

that's cool

i have faith in PD

i'm sure the game will look beautiful

Zedux3225d ago

make it 60% Yamauchi! The PS3 has just completed 3 years just see how the graphics of 2010 exclusives are even better than those of 2009!!!

presto7173225d ago

the ps3's power is like a rabbit hole with no bottom. You can go as deep as you want to without ever worrying about crashing.

darthv723225d ago

that is unacceptable. This game has been in development a long time and just recently got another delay. I am expecting no less than at LEAST...93.7%. Get your act together PD.


xTruthx3225d ago

That's cool bungie, considering you just said this a few minutes ago on another GT5 article.

"thats not cool

no Porsche no buy

can't believe I've waited 5 years for this"

Sunny_D3225d ago

Bungie is the alternate account of Turn 10. Do you really think he was going to but GT5? LOl. Plus, his constant denial of having multiple accounts, just shows he is insecure about others finding out about it.

Maybe if Bungie, ownage, Turn 10, etc... actually changed their typing style instead of the 3 line in every comment, it would be less noticable.

AKNAA3225d ago

"Maybe if Bungie, ownage, Turn 10, etc... actually changed their typing style instead of the 3 line in every comment, it would be less noticable. "

LOL! that was funny man.

Anyhow, Maybe they're(PD) delaying it this time to make sure it Runs perfectly smooth in complete 3D or something?!
OMG! 60fps+ 120hz HDTV!! you know how ridiculously gorgeous and even more real GT5 is gonna look on it!!??

sikbeta3225d ago

PD Crew know BEST, they're making a BEAST using 80 percent of PS3's processing power, AWESOME...

vhero3225d ago

Best looking racer ever at 60fps with damage, weather and possibly custom maps and its not even using 100% of the PS3... Forza devs should be ashamed of themselves for not even getting half that out of the 360 which to be fair isn't too far behind the ps3.

ABizzel13225d ago

How do they calculate these percentages. Is it just cell usage, or is it overall performance or something?

cLiCK_sLiCK93225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

I might not know alot about computer programing, but i can tell you this:

80 percent isnt the average processing power its using. Its the Max. In other words, GT5 wont exceed 80 percent of the PS3s processing power since its not programed to do so.

"Its not a constant rate"

Take Uncharted 2 for an example, since Uncharted is said to be using 100 percent and what not. When your idle, not exact numbers of course, it doesnt use all the 100 percent power, instead it might use a good 20 percent or so. However, in gun battles, then the PS3 is put to the test since it has to render animations, textures, AI, bullets, lighting, the list goes on. And in some point it used all 100 percent power.

So in reality, every game can be tweaked regardless of how much power is being used. It all comes down to how much effort a developer is willing to put into its game.

I wish i could be clearer, but typing on my PS3 isnt as easy......

Narutone663225d ago

further tweak and optimize it, the percentage could, in theory, go down further. So sad, the Japanese release date was delayed. I was hoping the Asian version will be released together with the Japanese version. Oh well, at least other gamers will have some money left after March.

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Troll_Police3225d ago

Wow, all of that crammed into GT5 and it's only using 80% of the PS3s power? The PS3 is a beast.

WildArmed3225d ago

I'm surprised how honest PD guys are though.
Most of the people coming out with exclusives jump to 100% when their game is releasing soon. (true or not)

Well I guess we'll have some room for improvement when GT6 hits ^^

Gran Touring3225d ago

Wow... Considering, GT5 runs at 1080p60 at has 16 cars on track in such high detail, I really do wonder what the limits of the PS3 are if this is just "80%"

gtamike1233225d ago

Alot likey rendering the sexy car graphics.

Antan3225d ago

I just hope to god they can lock to 60fps !!!

ManiacMansion3225d ago

80% without a DMG model and bad envoronments.

Poor droids.

Sunny_D3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Sorry, your in denial. There is damage models and the environments do look better and realistic. Not cartoony like Forza 3.

iron_sheik3225d ago

GT5 is realistic. flopza3 is cartoonistic
GT5 runs at 1080p. flopza3 720p
GT5 has 1000 cars.flopza3 has 400
GT5 has 16 cars per track.flopza3 has 8
GT5 has weather and night racing and head tracking .flopza3 has nothing

GT5 looks a generation ahead of flopza2.5. even GT5P looked better and had 2x the amount of cars on track as flopza 2.5

also flopza2.5 is the biggest flop of 2009 <250k in US LOL

redsquad3225d ago

Another youngblood thinking they're smart while their words prove the opposite.

Poor zombie.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Why are ChatBots allowed multi-accounts on this but i'm not allowed???...oh well...

xBox 360 has NO Games ;)

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