New Beautiful Katamari Screenshots

Namco Bandai has released a new batch of Beautiful Katamari screenshots. The fact sheet supplied with the screens listed the game for the Xbox 360 platform. A PS3 listing was absent.

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quiddd4800d ago

the rumor of it being exclusive, I have to say............



Covenant4800d ago

If so, just a little friendly advice: The whole "first" thing is REALLY frowned upon here. Please bear that in mind when posting. This isn't AICN.

razer4800d ago

Duh dum dum dum.....

Absent you say eh? Hrm....

Everywhere I read said it was 360 exclusive until I was brought to the attention of the Namco site with it listed as 360 and PS3. Seems like it would be a simple deal for Namco-Bandai to clarify?

Either way.. Not my type of game. More something I would play on a hand-held but it's great the 360 keeps getting more and more diversity.

Covenant4800d ago

I wouldn't count the exclusiveness as a major coup for the 360 (such as MGS4 becoming 360-only, which ain't gonna happen). Katamari won't move consoles in North America. But in Japan...this may give MS a significant (if temporary) boost.

It will also help expand the diversity of the 360's game catalogue, adding a unique title with broad-audience appeal.

zslash4800d ago

@razer -

The game was originally announced as a PS3 and Xbox 360 title. This is the first time its been listed as only for the Xbox 360 in a official document.

By no means does this make the exclusivity official (Namco could've made an error), but it certainly does add weight to the rumors.

Covenant4800d ago

No prob. Every forum has its rules, both written and not. I was just trying to make you aware of one, in a friendly way.


RedSeven4800d ago

I don't own an Xbox and have never heard of this game. Um, what the hll is it? Is that the Burger King guy? Someone please fill me in?

PlayStation3604800d ago

It first came out 2004 called "Katamari Damacy". It was a rather easy game to play, and quite addicting. Many people liked it for its simplicity and gameplay. I personally never really got into it. But I did play Katamari, and it was rather fun. A little advice, IF you wanna check this game out, keep an open mind. It's not bad, and you may enjoy it.

Xi4800d ago

katamari was a sleeper hit for the ps2.

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