Confirmed: No Porsche For GT5

Kazunori Yamauchi, the legend that brought us Gran Turismo, has confirmed that Porsche cars will not be included in Gran Turismo 5.

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Antan3202d ago

Well at least RUF will be included.

Ven10003202d ago

The GT series has always had RUF which are basically Porsches anyway.

SuperStrokey11233202d ago

Thats what i was gonna say. RUF takes a good porsche and makes it better.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3202d ago

People just want to ignore the facts and focus on the bad parts... You know, the usual trolling.

RUF are custom made Porsche and they are on GT. http://www.racperformance.c...

SoX FireBlade3202d ago

yea RUF is there

a replacement for Porsche

State of Matter3202d ago

but I really love Porsche, and no they are not the same, not to me at least. Plus ruf only does 911s, what about the other Porsches, I am dying to drive the Carerra GT. I have been trying to decide which to get GT5 or FM3 and I think this does it for me, im going with FM3.

Marceles3202d ago

RUF does Boxster and Cayman too

Greywulf3202d ago

Porsche has never been in GT, for the past Decade. I surely doubt you've cared to look into GT at all. Plenty of arcade racers have the Carrera GT.

and RUF doesn't only do the 996/997. They do the CTR3, which is also faster than the Carrera GT, as well as the Cayman.

Its like you guys haven't the slightest clue what you're talking about.

The Carrera GT is so badass its discontinued.

AKNAA3202d ago

F$#@Kin'son of a B!TCH! I'm not buying GT5 no more!!!** Breaks'n throws everything in the living room except the xbox 360**

Lol! J/K! who cares... Its gonna be awesome no matter what car is taken out.

pixelsword3201d ago

You stumped the chumps, lol!

To be honest, I was one of them because I had no clue about the RUF.

You get bubbles and respect for those posts.

pixelsword3201d ago

to get past the rights EA has?

Mr Pumblechook3201d ago

Gran Turismo is regarded as more than a game, it is a driving simulator. I know a few petrol-heads who love cars, and not games, but are going to buy a PS3 to play this.
Also, in the UK the car mags, and car tv programmes like Top Gear and Fifth Gear go crazy for it.

GT serves to promote all the included car brands. So if P*****... who? don't have their cars on show, because they have been paid a lot for exclusivity by a different party, they are actually missing out on the most important, most car game ever. Their loss.

Zack Sawyer3201d ago

The lack of Porsche wouldn't bother me much in any case, they all look almost identical to me apart from the Panamera and the Carrera.

For me in the UK I would prefer to see more cars that I drive next to everyday on the roads such as your Vauxhalls, BMW, Audi, Renault, Fords, Citreons, Honda, Mazda etc.

But please have a Vauxhall VXR8, the Monaro just doesnt do it for me!

rockleex3201d ago

Kaz: "At this point, it's just a rumor. So you'll have to see. (It must be noted, he said so with a smile, leading us to believe that some sort of track editor is in the works for the new game.)"

Motor Trend: "Are you headed to this weekend's Tokyo Auto Salon?"

Kaz: "Yes, my team and I will be there. We're planning to have one of the biggest GT5 displays we've ever built. There will be more manufacturer agreements announced there as well. It'll be a great show for us."

bruddahmanmatt3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Wow. If Kaz were to announce that Porsche were to be included in GT, the same folks proclaiming that "we still have Ruf" would be the first ones to start shouting "haha, we have Porsche now, Forza is t3h sux0rz blah blah". I'm sorry but as a genuine car enthusiast this is a big disappointment. Especially since PD finally managed to nab the rights to include both Ferrari and Lamborghini, two of the other three big marques that were always missing from the series.

Don't get me wrong, Alois Jr. continues to build some beastly machines like the mid engined CTR3. Regardless of whether or not Porsche ever makes it into GT, I hope PD continues to include Rufs in the vehicle lineup. That being said, any genuine gearhead knows that Porsche (not Ruf, not Gemballa, not Techart) has a catalog of vehicles worthy of being included in GT from the Can-Am 917s, slant nose 935s and the 2.7 RS of the 70s, to the 944 and the 959 of the 80s all the up to the Carrera GT and the 997.2 GT3RS of the 21st century. Saying "Ruf is the same", or "Ruf is better" is ignorant. Perhaps PD should yank all BMW M cars and only include Alpinas and remove the entire Ford brand and only include Saleens?

GT is a fantastic franchise. The more marques PD can get into the game, the better it becomes.

DaTruth3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I was just about to say pity, just have to make due with RUF. I had no idea RUF was actually a real car. I always thought it was just GT unable to get the license and making up a name!

Lol @ fanboys pretending they wanted the game and now don't want it now when no GT has ever had Porsche! There really are lots of people who just started gaming end of last gen!

@Above: I'm sure what they are saying is that it is not a gamebreaker! Everybody who actually cares about the game is at least a little disappointed! Coming from someone who doesn't really care about the game, but played the first four a lot!

bruddahmanmatt3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I don't buy that. I remember when EA owned exclusive rights to Ferrari and Lamborghini and while some of us openly expressed our wishes that one day, the two marques would make their way to GT, others went out of their way to pretend like they didn't care or state that they were indifferent on the issue which IMO was a blatant lie at the time. Sure enough, when Ferrari was announced for Prologue and Lamborghini was spotted in GT PSP, ohhhhh man the flip-flops started pouring in.

I agree that for many (myself included), the exclusion of Porsche is NOT a dealbreaker as we've all lived with Ruf up until this point. But I'm also willing to bet that a lot of people (not everyone, but a lot of folks) who are claiming that "they don't care" are full of **** and will be the first ones to rub it in the Forza fanboys' faces the day the marque makes it into the game.

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PSNTomaz3202d ago

I can care less if Porsche isnt included.

nefertis3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

thank you i agree with u, i never care for porsche though. I dont care if some gamers are piss off because of this. Day 1 buy for me. Play3beyond

travelguy2k3201d ago

after the EA exclusive expires. I mean i could be free as the modeling is already done since they will include RUF cars. Just have to retune the cars.

40cal3201d ago

Seems to me that this would actually be a bigger lose for Porsche that it is for Gran Turismo 5.

chewmandinga3202d ago

maybe it's because of the damage stuff? porsche might not want their car's to get smashed up.

mikepmcc3202d ago

you can smash them up plenty in forza, nfs, etc etc...

Digital-_-Smoke3202d ago

950 Cars with 70+ tracks is more the enough imo