Gran Turismo's creator takes a fifth stab at a perfect racing game

Kazunori Yamauchi is the creator and producer of the Gran Turismo racing games on Sony's PlayStation game consoles. The new game is launching soon, although Sony isn't saying exactly when. It has 16-player multiplayer, as well as mechanical and external car damage. The Polyphony Digital studio at Sony released Gran Turismo 5 Prologue a year ago to whet appetites for racing fans, but the real deal has been in the works for five years. Sony had the latest creation on display at its booth at the Consumer Electronics Show. Gamesbeat caught up with Yamauchi for a translated interview there.

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Dellis4172d ago

This guy needs to get fired, does he not know you can't make a perfect anything?, nobody is perfect and neither are his games.

LiLTich924171d ago

thats why he keeps making more games, because he knows there not perfect and wants to make them better and get them as close to perfection as possible. he did not say gt5 was perfect in any way shape of form. he did not say any of the games he has created was perfect either. read the whole thing before commenting.

nefertis4172d ago

im so getting this game. Play3beyond