Appmodo: Speed Forge Extreme Review

Appmodo writes: "Speed Forge is the kind of racing game that makes me re-think my indifference toward racing games. The smooth controls can be customized into many different configurations: tilt to steer, auto breaking and accelerating, steering controls on the screen, manual breaks, and so on, so you can make them just right for your playing style. I tried a few different options, and liked the tilt to steer/tap to break/auto accelerate combination, and even made it around some of the sharper turns without banging against the side rail the whole time.

The game starts with one available ship to race around the track against five other computer ships. You get to choose your difficulty level (Easy, Medium, or Hard). Unlock different ships and tracks by winning races. As you progress you also earn the ability to pick up missiles and other weapons, and earn repairs."

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