IncGamers: Joe Kucan Interview

IncGamers' Tim McDonald had the chance to hook up with Joe Kucan again recently and spent the time talking about Command & Conquer 4, Kucan's Kane role and the future of the game. Tim started by asking if they could talk a little about Command & Conquer 4...

This interview is transcribed too, and here's an excerpt:
"I don't know know if you're familiar with the story, but it's revealed that Kane was a woman in this last game. So there were a lot of prosthetics involved, I had the wig, the hair was glued directly to my head, I had a giant bosom with a lot of cleavage, and it was just uncomfortable."

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AndyA3225d ago

Lol, love Joe Kucan. Seems like a top guy.

Maticus3225d ago

That guy is a legend...

Supa3225d ago

My main interest in watching this interview is to see if they can get ONE SINGLE SERIOUS ANSWER out of Joe Kucan LOL! :-D

Fyzzu3225d ago

Much love for Joe. How does he come up with this crap?

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