Meet The Shepard

Critical Gamer Writes: It was hard to get hold of Earth's first elite Spectre agent, Commander Shepard. So hard, in fact, that I had to settle for the man who voices the digital representation of Earth's greatest hero… from the future. I think.

We settle down with Edmonton based actor, Mark Meer, and discuss the process of voice acting with BioWare, and a little bit about the upcoming super-release, Mass Effect 2.

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Jim Crikey3252d ago

So he's a 'Meer' human being after all *gunshot*

scruffy_bear3252d ago

Awesome interview, can't wait for Mass Effect 2

Rockox3251d ago

Let's get an interview with the female Shepard!!

Mondayding3252d ago

Was he wearing his space suit?

DemonStration3252d ago

"My friend Nathan Fillion"

I want to be Mark Meer.

mjolliffe3252d ago

Awesome interview. I played the game in October '09 and it was awesome!

militant073251d ago

I played it in late september 2009 :p

Jockie3251d ago

Seems like a decent guy and nice to see Bioware giving out key roles to long time collaborators instead of splurging the whole of their budget on yet another big name actor.

scruffy_bear3251d ago

Yeah that's really cool of Bioware :)

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