GamingExcellence: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Impressions

GE writes: "Upon entering a beta game one of the first things I heard a teammate ranting about was not in fact something going on in game. Rather, this person was going on and on about how fantastic the netcode was. He was letting anyone who would listen know how many problems there were with latency in the first game and how this game, only in its beta phase, was running flawlessly. I couldn't agree with him more. Technically everything worked the way it should, the vehicles handled well and buildings crumbled at your command."

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glennc3203d ago

good to here. they lost quite a few people early on that unfortunately never came back... their loss really. the game has no worse lag than any other these days, 6000+ kills and rarely any problems.

with the waste of time MW2 turned out to be, DICE knew they had a once in a lifetime opportunity to let console gamers know how a real online shooter should play. they had the gameplay right in the first BC but the online was not very good for the first few months. so all that is left is fixing up the back end and tweaking the graphics etc. and it'll be insane.

great work guys, can't wait